How to Make Amazon Credit Card Payment

The Amazon credit card payment could be done through different methods. You can utilize these techniques for either of Amazon’s credit cards, the Amazon Rewards Visa Card or the Amazon Store Card.

How to Make Amazon Credit Card Payment

Amazon Credit Card

Customers of Amazon have two main credit card options: “Amazon Rewards Visa Card” and “Amazon Store Card.” These cards are intended to offer advantages and rewards to Amazon customers.

Amazon Rewards Visa Card

Visa and Amazon have partnered to create the Amazon Rewards Visa Card. It can be used everywhere Visa is accepted, not just on Amazon but also for transactions made elsewhere.

This card is appropriate for people who desire the freedom to use it elsewhere and wish to earn rewards on Amazon purchases.

Features of Amazon Rewards Visa Card

The features that make up the Amazon Rewards Visa card are as follows:

  • Incentives: By using their card for purchases, cardholders can receive cashback incentives. Rewards may be redeemed as a statement credit or applied towards purchases made on
  • No Annual cost: Normally, there is no annual cost for this credit card.
  • Variable APR: The card has an annual percentage rate (APR) that fluctuates depending on creditworthiness.
  • Travel perks: This card may come with purchase protection and travel perks in some versions.
  • Sign-Up incentive: New cardholders may receive a sign-up incentive.

Amazon Store Card

A shop credit card that can only be used on is called the Amazon shop Card.

Features of Amazon Store Card

The following features are what make up the Amazon store card:

  • Offers for Special Financing: For qualifying purchases, the Amazon Store Card frequently provides special financing alternatives, such as 0% interest if the balance is paid off within a certain time frame.
  • No Annual cost: Normally, there is no annual cost for this credit card.
  • Fixed APR: Usually, the card has a fixed APR.

Terms and Conditions to consider Before Applying for Amazon credit card

There are terms and conditions that you should consider before getting or applying for Amazon credit card. Here are few of them:

Rates of Interest (APR)

Recognize the card’s Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which shows the interest rate you’ll be charged on any sums that are still owed.

Make sure to check the precise rate given based on your creditworthiness and to be aware of whether the card has a fixed or variable APR.


Examine the card’s various fees, which may include annual fees, late payment penalties, foreign transaction surcharges, and balance transfer charges.

Check to see whether there is a penalty APR on the card that will be levied if you make a late payment.

Credit Cap

Discover your credit limit because it will affect the amount you are permitted to charge on the card.

Rewards and Advantages

Recognize the benefits offered by the card, such as the cashback percentages, points, or unique financing alternatives.

Options for redemption

Find out how to use your rewards to make purchases on, get statement credits, get gift cards, or in other ways.

Offers for Special Financing

Check the conditions of any special financing offers for the Amazon Store Card. Recognize how long the promotion lasts, what purchases qualify, and what happens if the debt is not paid in full at the end of the promotion.

Terms of Payment

Be aware of any grace periods, the minimum payment amount, and the payment due date. Know the repercussions of missing payments, including late fees and possible penalty APRs.

Requirements for Credit Scores

To be sure you are eligible for the card, review the credit score and other requirements.

Application Procedures for Amazon Credit Cards

The application procedures

Online Payment (Recommended):

1. Log in to your Amazon account on the Amazon website.

2. Click “Your Account” under the “Accounts & Lists” drop-down menu.

3. Click “Your Amazon Credit Card” under the “Payment and Gift Cards” section.

4. You will be taken to your credit card account.

5. Find the “Make a Payment” option.

6. Follow the prompts to make your payment. You can pay from a linked bank account, a debit card, or a credit card.

Payment through mobile app

If you have the Amazon mobile app, you can sign in and pay right from your smartphone or tablet. The method is comparable to the online payment choice.

Phone Payment

Call the customer support number listed on the back of your Amazon credit card to make a payment over the phone. To make a payment, follow the automated instructions or talk to a person.

Mail Payment

The address listed on your billing statement is where you should send a cheque or money order along with your payment details. Give yourself enough time for the payment to be received and processed, and make sure to write your account number on the cheque.

Payment in Person

If an Amazon location is nearby, you can pay in person by going there. For the closest location, visit the Amazon website.

You can set up recurring payments from your associated bank account, which can be a minimum payment or a predetermined amount, to be taken out each month. By doing this, you can prevent missing payments and late fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a credit card to pay for Amazon?

Credit and debit cards can be used with Amazon Pay. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB are all currently accepted credit cards.

The shop card can be used at specific retailers. You might only be able to use credit cards from Visa and Mastercard in certain situations.

Which payment methods does Amazon accept?

Methods of Payment Accepted by Amazon are:

  • Visa.
  • Card from Amazon Store.
  • Secured Amazon Card.
  • MasterCard/EuroCard.
  • Explore Network.
  • United States Express and many others.

How can I obtain an Amazon credit card?

  • Linking a Credit Card
  • Register with your account.
  • Please select Edit My Account Settings.
  • Select My Credit Cards from the Add, Edit, or Delete menu.
  • Enter the billing and payment card information.
  • To add a new card, click.

What bank offers the Amazon Card?

The bank that offers the Amazon card is Bank JPMorgan Chase. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, is the company that issues Amazon Visa credit cards. Accounts pending approval of credit.

How much is a card from Amazon?

If you pay your debt in full and on time each month, the Amazon Store Card has no annual fee and is therefore free to use.

The Amazon Store Card is a wonderful choice for Amazon Prime subscribers because it has no annual fee and excellent cash back incentives on Amazon purchases.

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