Amazon Glow – How to Use Amazon Glow | Features of Amazon Glow

Have you heard of Amazon glow before? Amazon glow is a new interactive projector and video calling device which is designed to build rich family connections. By transforming the way children bond with remote loved ones.

Amazon way is a new way to connect and glow uniquely fuses projection, video, and sensing technologies. In other to create a virtual experience that feels like being together in person.

Amazon Glow
Amazon Glow

Amazon Glow

With Amazon glow no matter how far away you are, you can be able to create a virtual experience. You get to enjoy a virtual environment for your kid’s ages with curated age-appropriate content.

It is designed with kids in mind; it is a fun little mood/night-light that can be included in Alexa routines. It allows your child to be reminded when it is time to get ready for bed.

It can also be used to tell you when an Alexa-enabled camera or doorbell has been triggered. Amazon glow works with a free mobile app on iOS and android.

Features of Amazon Glow

Here are the features of Amazon glow:

  • It is a new way to connect.
  • It allows you to read, play and draw together with your kids.
  • It is a physical meet digital.
  • It is safe and private.
  • It is easy to connect.

These are the features of Amazon glow.

Amazon Glow Price

The Amazon glow can project games, books, and puzzles on a table that parents and their kids can play together. Amazon glow will cost $299.99 when it is released widely.

For now, anyone who wants on will need to apply to an invite-only program. Or you can also get an introductory price of $249.99.

What Amazon Glow Comes With?

The Amazon Glow will also come with accessories called Glow Bits. One Glow Bit kit will be available at launch and included for free, a Tangram puzzle game with physical pieces.

A child can complete the puzzle and watch an animation come to life on the projection mat. More Glow Bits will be sold separately after the Amazon Glow launches later this year.

How to Use Amazon Glow

Changing the device color is somewhat simple using the echo glow mode. The steps on how to use Amazon glow are listed below:

  • Open the Alexa app on your android or iOS device.
  • Select devices and select lights.
  • Select Echo Glow.
  • Go to mode and then select the preferred mode or color.

The glow modes will change the device’s color and create various themes. With these above steps, you won’t find it hard any longer when using Amazon glow.

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