Fortnite’s New Virtual Concert Might Be Its Trippiest Yet

Do you know that Fortnite’s New Virtual Concert Might Be Its Trippiest Yet? Since Marshmello first took the virtual stage in Fortnite, the developer of Epic Games has conducted a test with diverse ways to bring music into the game. 

It could mean a gigantic Travis Scott treading heavily around the battle Royale Island and also building a detached space devoted unambiguously to live performances.

Fortnite’s New Virtual Concert Might Be Its Trippiest Yet

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Fortnite’s New Virtual Concert Might Be Its Trippiest Yet

This week’s musical experience features English band and Easy Life is yet another new technique. A strange world built in Fortnite’s creative mode and might be the trippiest virtual concert yet.

Your Experience in Fortnite’s new Virtual Concert

It starts out like normal and enough players are guided into a virtual re-creation of the O2 arena. In London, in which the band welcomes everyone by through an extremely large screen. From there, things get progressively weirder. First of all, you are pushed into a room that slowly fills with water. 

Next, you have flushed down a massive toilet into a strange desert overflowing with immense tube TVs. It is a bit like a pop art taken on Salvador Dali. Subsequent locations are just as odd you will dance inside the corpse of a huge monster, ride a hoverboard across a twisted city straight out of Inception, and then float amid the stars.

What is the Fortnite Concert?

The Fortnite concert new event is called a Rift Tour; it comes with five showtimes where players can hop into the game. And watch Ariana Grande perform her top songs like “positions” and “raindrops” while interacting with unique environments.

Are Fortnite Concerts Free?

Watching the game is completely free, but Epic games recommend everyone to download the software. And also log in to the software an hour before the Showtime commences.

Do You Get Anything For Going To The Concert?

If you attend the concert, you will receive a special umbrella glider. Fortnite players that subscribe to the monthly Fortnite crew subscription will get an exclusive bonus for attending. And you will also get a rainbow variant of the concert umbrella.

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