Here’s The Deluge of Announcements from Amazon’s Fall Devices Event


Here’s The Deluge of Announcements from Amazon’s Fall Devices Event. Amazon has wrapped up its fall device event, and it is crowded with the news. It includes new Echo devices, new Ring products and services, and also a home assistant robot named Astro.

We have summarized the biggest news of the show right here, including the links to many of the articles going into more detail about what Amazon announced.

Here’s The Deluge of Announcements from Amazon’s Fall Devices Event
Here’s The Deluge of Announcements from Amazon’s Fall Devices Event

Amazon’s Astro Is the Company’s New Home Robot

Amazon revealed a home assistant robot, called Astro, which can help with home security monitoring, act as a mobile device, and more. It has a 10inch touch screen that shows a face and it scoots around your house on wheels.

The Echo Show 15 is a 15-inch Smart Display that can Hang on your Wall

Amazon announced its biggest display yet, the $249.99 Echo Show 15. It has a 15.6-inch, 1080p HD exhibit that is designed to be a shared hub for families, and it has a new AZ2 chip.

The Echo Glow is a Video Chat Gadget with built-in Games for Kids

Amazon’s new Echo Glow is a video conferencing device made for kids. It has an eight-inch view to see friends and family members and also a touch-sensitive tabletop projector widget that can be used to play games, read books, and make art.

Amazon’s New Halo View is a Fitbit like Fitness Tracker with a Display

Amazon announced a new Fitbit-like fitness band with a color AMOLED view, which is called the Halo View. It costs $79.99 and it comes with a full year of a Halo subscription membership. It will start shipping in time for the holidays.

Disney’s new “Hey Disney” Virtual Assistant is Built on Alexa

Amazon and Disney announced a new voice supporter called “Hey Disney,” which was built on Alexa. It presents a lot of Disney-themed Alexa knowledge and it is also available in Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms for better hospitality.

Amazon Reveals a New Smart Thermostat

Amazon announced a new Smart Thermostat that works with Alexa, which is made in partnership with Resideo, the makers of Honeywell Home. It will cost $59.99, and preorders open Tuesday.

You can Request an Invite for the Ring’s Always Home Cam Drone

Last year, Amazon exposed the Always Home Cam, which puts a Ring camera on a drone. If you are fascinated by getting one, you can apply for a request starting Tuesday. The drone costs $249.99.

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