Epic Tests Apple with New Request: Let Us Relaunch Fortnite in Korea

Do you know that Epic Tests Apple with New Request: Let Us Relaunch Fortnite in Korea? Through the passing of bill and allowing alternative payment systems on the App Store, epic tests Apple with a new request.

The request is that Apple should reconsider the Epic Fortnite developer account in other for the game to be released in South Korea. This was done because of the bill which will force Apple and Google to all other apps use substitute payment methods.

Epic Tests Apple with New Request: Let Us Relaunch Fortnite in Korea

Epic Tests Apple with New Request: Let Us Relaunch Fortnite in Korea

It is not yet clear if Apple will take yield to the request made by Epic or if Epic intention is a good one. This is because Epic has used Apple’s responses to its prior demands. The demand is to help spring its original Free Fortnite legal trap.

Apple kicked Fortnite off the App store few hours after Epic bring in a direct payment system to the game which evades Apple’s own. Epic sued Apple which started a contentious legal battle between the two companies. The case got to trial and the verdict is still waiting. And since then Fortnite has not been on the App store.

Epic Want To Bring Fortnite Back to App Store

Epic games asked Apple to act in response to Fortnite developer account in South Korea. The motive is because for the U.S. game maker plans to re-release Fortnite on iOS devices in South Korea. This offer Epic and Apple payments alongside.

This request was made after South Korea passed a bill in late August. That Apple and other tech giants should let developers use their third-party payment systems.

Epic intends to re-release Fortnite on iOS in Korea. The deal offers Epic and Apple payment alongside in compliance with the new Korea law.

Why did Apple Remove Fortnite from App Store?

Apple takes a 30% cut when you make an in-app purchase from the iOS app. Which is justified by the service Apple provides the contracts prohibit trying to avoid the rules.

Epic challenged the rule; the software update in Fortnite encourages all iOS players to buy the game digital currency.  The currency is known as V-Bucks direct from Epic as opposed through Apple in-app purchase system.

In other to make the deal sweet Epic offered a discount to all those that bought V-Bucks directly. Many consumers saw it as a devotion bonus but Apple saw is as an unpleasant infringement of its contract with Epic.

Apple also saw it as a shot to challenge a key revenue stream. This result to Fortnite been removed from the App store.

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