Android Google Duo – How to Get Started with Google Duo on Android

Android Google duo is now available for all android users. You can make video calls in HD quality even in data saving mode. You can now download the Google Duo App from the Google Play store on your device. Though you might have to wait a bit as this is a gradual rollout.

Android Google Duo

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Android Google Duo

Android Google Duo is a form android mobile-only application that was built to be very fast for the Web- Real Communication (WebRTC). This app takes the complexity out of the video calling experience. According to the principal software engineer Justin Uberti, the Google Duo promises fewer dropped calls, and even the supports handling calls off between Wi-Fi and the cellular connections.

To begin with, all you will need is your mobile number. You don’t have to create or open a separate account, or a Google account. The duo doesn’t use your Google account in any way according to Google. Duo alongside messaging app Allo was unveiled at Google’s I/O 2016 developer conference and is been made available in a private beta (the number of the testers is “in the thousands”), with a promise for a summer launch.

How to Get Started with Google Duo on Android

However, before you can begin to make use of the Google Duo app to wor4k on your device. Calls are end-to-end encrypted for your privacy, and even special video effects are done locally on the device and not to be handled by some random Google server.

  • If it is not already installed on your Android go to Google Play Store and download the Duo App.
  • Make sure you must have read the Terms of Services and the Privacy Policy before click on the “I agree” button i.e. if you haven’t logged into the app before.
  • For you to begin to call people Grant Google Duo access to your contacts.
  • Confirm your phone number so that people can find you.
  •  Type in the Confirmation code that Google duo sent over SMS.
  • To take pictures and record audio and videos you have to Grant the app permission.
  • You will meet a welcome screen with the camera pointed at your shining face.
  • The app tells you the number of persons in your contacts, you can reach through the app. For you to video chat with just one contact at a time. Type their name in the search field, or scroll down to the contact you want to video chat and make your selection.
  • For group video chat tap on the create group button and select up to seven people to chat with at the same time.

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The following are ways on how to get started with Google Duo on Android.

How to install and Set up Google Duo App on Android

Firstly, for you to install the app you can begin using the Google duo. All you will need is an active phone number to get started so you can receive a verification code. Below are the steps of how to install and set up Google Duo App:

  • Download the app on your android phone from your Google Play Store.
  • Then enter your phone number, you will receive a verification code as a text message.
  • Once your phone number has been verified, you are ready to start video calling people.
  • The app will automatically populate the contacts section on your phone list.

The ab0ove are how to install and step up your App on your Android device.

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