What is Google Duo App? – How to Use Google Duo App | How to Use Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the top ten downloaded social media apps. There are yet, very few parents who know much about it. Let’s find out more what this app is all about.

What is Google Duo App

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What is Google Duo App?

Google Duo app is an easy video chat app that works on both android phones and iPhones.  It was said that at Google developer conference on 18th May 2016 it started. It was all over the world and released on 16th August 2016.  It was also been available on the Google chrome web and laptops as well.

Google duo app allows users to make video and audio calls and is optimized for low bandwidth networks. It is based on the phone numbers, allowing users to call from their contact list. The app on its own switches to Wi-Fi, and cellular networks.

How to Use Google Duo App?

Google duo app is easy to make use of, when you must have instated the app on your phone. Then you have to follow the instructions given to you by entering your phone number and then an entering code will be sent to you as text message. With that you can then make calls.

  • Start the Google Duo app on your phone or laptop.
  • Then with the default, you make a video call or voice call only. Tap the phone icon.
  • Click on the search contacts or dial number.
  • Then click the name of the person on your contacts whom you want to call. If you don’t the person on your contacts enter their phone number instead.
  • If your contact already uses Google Duo App, the number will dial. If not Duo will offer to send a text message inviting them to install Duo.

NOTE: You can make a group call. To make that possible click on create group and click up three people and tap done then click start to make the call.

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How to Sign In For Google Duo App?

For you to sign in for Google Duo App there are step to take. Below are the given steps:

  • Install the Google Duo App on you Android phones and tablets, and verification code will be sent to your phone.
  • Then verify the phone number. (Don’t skip the phone number verification, if not you are not connect yet to your Google account).
  • Then connect your Google account by click on “Agree”.

NOTE: You can add and remove your Google Account from Duo at any time.

How to Download Google Duo App for Android Phones and iPhones?

The following are steps on how to download Google Duo App for Android Phones and iPhones. Here are listed steps below:

  • Visit the App store iOS or the Google Play Store App for Android.
  • Then click on search, enter the duo mobile in the search box and click on the search button to select the duo mobile from the search results.
  • Then on the next line go tap on “Get”.
  • After that, in the next pop-out click on “Use Existing Apple ID”.
  • Then on the next display enter your “Apple ID and Password” and then click on “OK”.
  • Click on Install.
  • Click on the download button to install the Duo Mobile.
  • After it has been installed, tap open for it to open the app.
  • Then do click on “Allow” in order to get all notification from the Duo Mobile.
  • If you are new to Duo, tap “ADD ACCOUNT” to begin the process of setting up on Duo on your device.

With this you Duo Mobile is now been installed on your mobile device.


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