What is Apple AirTag Range

Apple’s AirTags as you may know is a mini tracker the size of a button that you can attach to your keychain, backpack, or other personal items. Once configured, it will immediately appear in the “Find My app” on your iPhone.

What is Apple AirTag Range

In the scenario where your Airtag is lost, stolen, or misplaced, you easily find anything it is attached to. What is the Apple Airtag range?

Although Apple has not yet disclosed the actual distance, there are some clear indications that can help.

Apple AirTag Range

Since Airtag’s normally operates inside the confines of Apple’s “Find My network”. There is no upper limit to the Airtag distance. However, an Airtag may passively communicate with any iPhone within Bluetooth range (30–33 feet) and pick up the location while pinging Apple servers. Which will then send the location to you.

Hence, the operational distance of an Airtag is 10 meters, regardless of its actual range. It is important to remember that this is also typically assumed as the maximum range. Because there are other things that can restrict the range of a Bluetooth connection.

Can you Track an AirTag Miles Away?

Absolutely! You can trace an Airtag from miles away or even in another country. Provided the AirTag is within Bluetooth range of an Apple device connected to the Find My network.

It is very likely that an Airtag will come into contact with the Find My network and update its location automatically. Thus, even if you cannot see the location updated in real-time. You can still get a basic notion of the Airtag’s location.

So, be sure to frequently place Airtag’s in your luggage because they can be traced with it if you misplace them.

How to Find a Missing Item with AirTags?

You can find a missing item like a wallet that you left at a restaurant or a suitcase that you misplace on an airline.

Here are a couple of steps to do so:

  • Open the “Locate My app” and select “Items” to find nearby Airtag’s.
  • Choose the Airtag, then click on “Find Nearby.”
  • Move around the area as directed by the onscreen instructions until the iPhone connects to the Airtag.
  • After that, the iPhone will now display the distance to the Airtag and its directions.
  • You can also press “Play Sound” to play a sound on their Airtag once the iPhone is within Bluetooth range of the Airtag. This will make it simpler to find smaller items like keys.

While this approach is helpful for locating items that are close at hand. You can also find an Airtag that is much farther away.

NOTE: If the Airtag is not attached to the item you are looking for. Don’t border use it to find any missing item.

Which is best An AirTag or GPS Tracker?

There are a few significant differences between a GPS tracker and an Airtag that users may not be aware of. A GPS tracker, employs an internal receiver to interact directly with satellites. Allowing it to locate a person or an object anywhere in the world.

Using a connected app, GPS trackers can offer real-time, accurate updates of an object’s location. Although, pretty much more expensive, unlike the Airtag’s.

In order to broadcast real-time location to the user over a cellular network, typically via an app, they also need a SIM card. Most GPS trackers require a monthly subscription which is an additional cost.

GPS trackers are also perfect for following vehicles and other items that might travel far distances. Since they cover more distance than Airtag’s.

On the other hand, the best way to find missing items like bags, wallets, and keys is with an Airtag. They offer a much more dependable way to keep an eye on young children and animals.

Especially in circumstances where knowing their precise location might be very important. But, when anything needs to be tracked in real-time, GPS trackers are the preferable option.

Can I use AirTag to Track my car?

The use of an Airtag as a car tracker is not recommended, though it is a fantastic option for everyday items that get stolen or lost.

How long does AirTags battery last?

According to Apple, an Airtag’s battery should last for around a year.

Are AirTags Rechargeable?

No, they are not rechargeable. The only option when the power runs low is to install a new internal battery as an Airtag cannot be charged.

Can you track AirTag out of range?

Yes! You can see the Airtag’s most recent location and timestamp if it isn’t in range of your device or any other devices connected to the Find My network.

You can also on “Alert” when found under “Notifications” to receive an alert when your Airtag enters the range of your device or is picked up by the “Find My network.”

Is AirTag Waterproof?

No! Nevertheless, they are extremely water-resistant. This implies that they can be used outside in rainy weather. They can also endure submersion for up to 30 minutes.

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