Apple Watch Series 6: A Major Breakthrough in the Fitness Niche

“Apple Watch Series 6” Apple has finally released a new pair of Apple watches. I know you are so eager to know the pair of watches it released. Well, it is the new Apple watch series 6. Are you surprised about it? Apple Company itself has been giving us lots of updates about the watch. But it has been released finally. Of which, everyone is talking about it.

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You might have seen or heard lots of details about the watch. But for those who don’t have details about the watch. I will be giving you enough details about this watch and many more. Read on to the second part of this content.

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is one of the best smartwatches that you can ever think of. It is the sixth iteration; the wearable category king has to spoiled users. It has smooth performance, trouble-free setup, and velvety haptic.

However, the key upgrades of Apple Watch Series 6 are within the watch itself. It has a new S6 chipset inside allowing for a more powerful chipset. The better battery life and that of a blood oxygen monitor. That’s to allow seeing how much of that vital O2 is pumping around your system.

Apple Watch Series 6 Features

The Apple Watch has evolved since it’s released to find its key use case. It begins the fashion/social focus with some fitness features but has become a powerful fitness and health devices. Let’s discuss the features.

  • Health.
  • Fitness.
  • Family setup.


The health features have been the center of the Apple Watch Series 6. The Apple watch series 6 has blood oxygen detect for even the more health metrics during day-to-day use.

Blood oxygen detection uses green, red, and infrared light and advanced algorithms to detect the color of the blood. The color of the blood determines how much oxygen is being passed into the bloodstream. It can indicate health complications if blood oxygen falls too low. It takes 15 seconds if done manually.


The Apple Watch Series 6 fitness device and has grown in popularity since it’s released.  The watch does not have new hardware directly related to fitness.  But its track blood oxygen during a workout.

Family Setup

The family setup is to allow you to set up your children’s Apple watches without needing their own iPhones.  The children can have their own phone numbers for each of the Apple watches. The family can able to reach their children even when they don’t have a phone.

This is to say that parents can be able to communicate with their children without phones at any time. As long as, they have the Apple watch series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6 Specifications

Do you want to know the specification of the Apple Watch Series 6? Here are the specifications of the Apple Watch Series 6.

  • A13 bionic dual-core processor.
  • Up to 20% faster performance than on Apple Watch Series 5.
  • It improved always-on display, 2.5 times brighter outdoors.
  • Always on altimeter for real-time elevation tracking.

New Colors

The Apple Watch Series 6 has several colors. But products red was the first colors available for the Apple watch. The following are the new colors of the watch

  • Blue,
  • Classic Gold,
  • Graphite, and
  • Product Red.

Here are the colors of the Apple Watch Series 6.

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Released Date

The Apple watch series 6 was released on 18th September. It can be ordered right now and is now available in the United States. You can get it from the apple store here.

The Price

The Apple watch series 6 starts at a price of $399/£379/AU$599 for the 40mm version. The 44mm version starts at $429/£409/AU$649. Those are the price of the GPS only version, without that of cellular connectivity.

Apple Watch Series 6 Design and Display

Apple watches series 6 designs are the same as other Apple watches. The choices of the 40mm or that of the 44m for the different wrist sizes. The larger screen, than the one which debuted. On the first Apple watch and was last seen on the watch 3.

The curved edges, the digital crown, and the power button are all present and correct. All have the same well-built feeling when you are spinning or pushing them. There is a little motor that creates the tapping feeling on your wrist. When a notification comes in. it gets your attention and finally getting used to hitting the fiddly clasp underneath the watch to change the straps over.


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