Football Manager 2020: Create Your Dream Team and Battle Your Friends

What is Football Manager 2020 all about? Let’s get to find out all about the Football manager 2020. Football has returned following the pandemic of the world. That break from months now had to hold the football for March. But the gamers were eager anxious to get their hands on Football Manager 2020. It enables them to assume all three duties of a club head coach.

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Every decision counts when it comes to the Football Manager 2020. The new features and the polished game mechanics rewarding planning and progression like never before. Let get more information on the second part of this article.

Football Manager 2020

Football Manager 2020 is a management simulation video game developed by Sports interactive. It’s published by Sega as a successor to Football Manager. It was released worldwide on November 18th, 2019. The game began its life in 1992 as Championship Manager.

The games are offered playable teams in 53 countries across five continents. Coverage is heavily slanted towards European teams with 34 of its 51 constituent countries having playable leagues. While South Africa is the only country of Africa’s total 54 that is covered.

There are 118 leagues in this version. The new additions are the Canadian Premier leagues added as DLC on 23rd December. The Gibraltar National league forthcoming post-released.  The Gibraltar national team, the two new Welsh second-tier divisions Cymru North and Cymru South.

Football Manager 2020 Price

Football Manager 2020 price is £39.99 in the UK. The pre-purchase discount price is £35.99. The Football manager 2020 touch cost is £21.99. The standard price for the Football manager game has increased from £37.99. it has two previous editions retailed at.

To put the price to a standard edition of the Football Manager 2020 cost £59.99 ($59.99). While that of the standard Pro Evolution soccer 2020 game initially cost £47.99 ($59.99).

Football Manager 2020 Release Date

The Football manager 2020 released date was on the 19th of November. From August 27 until the launch date, fans who pre-purchased football Manager 2020. For that of PC and Mac received a 10 percent discount.

Football Manager 2020 Playable Leagues

Do you want to know the playable leagues of the Football Manager 2020? Then read on to get the details. The following are football manager 2020 playable leagues.


  • Austria
  • Belarus.
  • Belgium.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Croatia.
  • The Czech Republic.
  • Demark.
  • England.
  • Finland.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • Gibraltar.
  • Greece.
  • Hungary.
  • Iceland.
  • Israel.
  • Italy.
  • The Netherlands.
  • Northern Ireland.
  • Norway.
  • Poland.
  • Portugal.
  • The Republic of Ireland.
  • Romania.
  • Russia.
  • Scotland.
  • Serbia.
  • Slovakia.
  • Slovenia.
  • Spain.
  • Sweden.
  • Switzerland.
  • Turkey.
  • Ukraine.
  • Wales.


  • Australia.
  • China.
  • Hong Kong.
  • India.
  • Indonesia.
  • Malaysia.
  • Singapore.
  • South Korea.

South America

  • Argentina.
  • Brazil.
  • Chile.
  • Colombia.
  • Peru.
  • Uruguay.

North America

  • Canada.
  • Mexico.
  • The United States.


  • South Africa

Here are the Playable leagues of the football Manager 2020. to get more information go through this link.

Football Manager 2020 Mobile – Download and Install

Football manager mobile is known as the Football manager handheld on PlayStation Portable. There was Sport interactive first-ever game for handheld console and was designed to be a separate game.

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The game is alike in feel and plays to earlier Sports interactive products. The game is made available to all devices, such as tablets, android PC, etc. The following are the steps to downloading the Football manager 2020.

  • Open the Google play store or Apple App Store on your device.
  • Search for football manager 200 by making use of the search bar.
  • Tap on the search engine button and wait for the result for a few seconds.
  • Locate the desire result and tap on it.
  • Click on the download or install button.

The following are steps to downloading or installing the Football manager 2020.

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