New iOS 14 Features Everyone is Talking About in 2020

The iOS has just introduced another feature known as the “NEW iOS 14 Features”. This feature has been the talk of the social media platform. What is this new iOS 14 features about?  Some of your readers must have gotten a little hint about the features.

New iOS 14 Features

But for the sake of those who don’t have an idea about it. Let me give them the information as regards these features. Well, the feature gets the latest software update on your iPhone. I know you are quite surprised.  Read on furthermore to getting full details about it.

New iOS 14 Features

Apple introduced the new iOS 14 features at WWDC 2020 virtual developer conference. The features are full of both large and small. The significant features change the compatibility, the released date, and how to install the update. This awaits you when your update your iPhone to its latest version of iOS this fall.

The software update launched for iPhones September 16 following Apple’s. It was also introduced two new Apple watches and other products of Apple. An early version of the update was of the version that was previously available through a public beta. That was been launched in the month of July.

Features of the iOS 14

However, some features make up the iOS 14. Let’s get to know them and discuss them briefly below.

  • iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets.
  • App Library.
  • CarPlay.
  • Car Key.
  • Home Screen.
  • Translate App.
  • Picture in Picture on iPhone.
  • Message.
  • Search and Siri.
  • Privacy

These are some of the new features that everyone is talking about in 2020.

iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets

The home screen widget of the iOS 14 is customizing interspersed widgets. The former widgets will live in the Today View. On the left screen but now on the new iOS 14 users have the options.  To dragging the widgets into their iPhones home screen. They can now also stack into groups that can swipe through by the users. They can be able to resize to two-by-two, or four-by-four icons, or horizontal two-by-four.

App Library

To the right of the last page, the App library lists and categories for apps that is been installed. The app is within each category are arranged. You can search for the app you want or browse thin in alphabetical order.


CarPlay was been updated to allow users to set a built-in wallpaper. Such as route management extended with features alerting the user to a stop. For instance parking and food ordering, also to planning for electric vehicles now considers the location of charging stations.

Car Key

The car key allows an iPhone to act as a virtual car key using NFC technology with compatible cars.  The key is accessible from the wallet app.

Home Screen

This is one of the new iOS 14 features that everyone is talking about in 2020. Just like the previous version iOS has released. This version which icons on the home screen is been arranged in alphabetical order and corresponded directly to the app.  The users may add app icons and newly introduced app widgets; pages may be added or deleted at the user’s own will.

Translate App

The new translate app in iOS 14 is designed for conversations and works completely offline. What is needed of you as a user is to tap on the microphone icon? Then, the app will translate to the language of your choice.

Picture in Picture on iPhone

The picture in the picture on the iPhone provides support for the picture. The works are just like that of the iPad experience. But that of the Siri has a new interface that does not overtake the entire screen.


The message is been adding to the new Memoji accessories such as Face mask Memoji. You can also pin your messages. The new features for group messages in line with replies.

Search and Siri

The search features on the home screen were made including a refined UI. It is quicker launched apps more detailed web searches. It is a shortcut to search for an app on your iPhone devices.

Siri is an interface that does not allow for simultaneous multitasking as designers feel it. It is been unclear how the interface would then be dismissed.


The privacy information can be seen on the App Store. That some users can have a clearer understanding of the app. On the permission of the app requires before they can download the app. user can also change their locations to download the app.

Final thoughts

The above some of the listed are the features of the app how there are also more features. Here are the vital ones that you need to be aware of. So if you’re using an iPhone be ready to updates your iPhone devices to start enjoying these features.

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