Best Egg Personal Loan Review – Pros and Cons of Best Egg Loans

Best Egg offers personal loans that are meant to cover debt consolidation, home improvement, moving, credit card refinancing, special occasions, vacations, baby and adoption expenses, and any other key purchases. Best Egg likewise offers a credit card and a Financial Health account that offers tools and assistance for your financial development.

Best Egg Personal Loan Review
Best Egg Personal Loan Review

Best Egg is an accessible lending platform that offers secured and unsecured personal loans through Blue Ridge Bank and Cross River Bank. Eligible borrowers can select from loans that range from their minimum to maximum amount and take advantage of services such as Direct Pay for your credit card consolidation. That said, Best Egg doesn’t offer borrowers many bells and toots, and their clients pay beginning fees up to 5.99%.

Best Egg provides unsecured personal loans to high-income borrowers that have fair to excellent credit. While borrowers that have a FICO credit score of at least 600 can be eligible for Best Egg personal loans, you will need a minimum credit score of 700 and a personal annual income that at least meets the minimum requirement to get the best rates. If you qualify, you will be able to borrow a huge sum at rates that is as low as 5.99 percent APR.

Best Egg Personal Loan Review

The Best Egg’s personal loans are best for consolidating debt or financing key expenses. Borrowers can’t use loans toward postsecondary educational or securities expenses. The process is fast and completely online, giving approval as soon as the same day and financing in as little as one business day after authorization.

Best Egg is a basic lending platform that is best suited for borrowers who want to consolidate or merge credit card debt. Loan amounts start at a good amount, so you don’t have to borrow more than you need, and their Direct Pay preference can help you be eligible for a lower rate while streamlining the credit card refinancing procedure.

Best Egg personal loans are offered up to 36- to 60-month terms, or about three to five years. That said, the available loan terms depend on the candidate’s credit score and account history, salary, loan total, and other unsettled debts.

Pros and Cons of Best Egg Loans


  • The loan amounts start at just about $2,000 in some states
  • They offer direct payment for the credit card debt consolidation
  • Its available for a wide variety of uses


  • Their annual percentage rates (APRs) range up to about 35.99%
  • Their charges beginning fees ranges between 0.99% and 5.99% of the loan amount
  • The loan amounts, rates and terms are unclear on their website

Features and Perks

It has a bendable due date. Most of the Best Egg personal loan borrowers might be fit to change the due date to the date that suits their monthly financial plan. This can be accomplished through a mobile phone, email or via the lender’s online chat service.

There is a direct payment for debt consolidation. Best Egg offers qualified borrowers Direct Pay abilities, which will make it easier to consolidate credit card debt with Best Egg personal loan. Furthermore, customers who choose this preference may be eligible for larger loan amounts and lower APRs.

FICO Score access. Consumers who go for the service can view a six-month FICO Score tendency and top score factors via their account online. Scores are updated on a moth to monthly basis, making it stress-free to track score developments over time.

Is Best Egg Legit

Is Best Egg legit? Best Egg is a reliable online lender with supple payment terms and competitive interest rates. You can compare your choices, by using a loan calculator and exploring other funds on its website. For borrowers who are able to meet the credit requirements, Best Egg is worth the consideration as an online lender.

How to Qualify for Best Egg Personal Loan

Personal loan requests are accepted or declined depending on a number of factors. All lenders have their own exceptional endorsing requirements, but these usually include facts from an applicant’s credit profile and other aspects that validate the capability to refund the loan, such as your income. Below are some of the requirements that will make you eligible but that’s not a guarantee, nevertheless they can help you resolve if a personal loan is an accurate choice for you.

  • The minimum credit score should be at least 600.
  • Your minimum annual income should meet the requirements.
  • Your minimum debt-to-income ratio should be about 40%, or 65% including a mortgage.
  • Employment status; you must provide your proof of income; part-time employees are also eligible.
  • You must provide a valid U.S. address and Social Security number.

How to Apply For Best Egg Loan

The application process is for best egg loan is fast and straightforward. You will be required to fill in some basic information in the online application such as, the loan amount you want, your annual household income and your annual individual income. Just follow the process below;

  • First, you will need to go the best egg website
  • At the right-hand side of the top on the page click on check my rate
  • Enter your email address as required on the empty space provided and click again on check my rate below.
  • Fill in the required loan amount
  • Also, fill in our gross annual income
  • Enter your Annual household income
  • Then our home type
  • You will be required to fill all your debt info (this will include monthly housing payments and credit card cash advances)
  • You will then be asked to fill in all your personal data (such as your home address, mobile number, and your Social Security Number).

Best Egg will then conduct a soft credit check, which won’t impact your credit rating. The whole process should take just a few minutes, and if you’re approved, the screen will display your offers for both a 36-month and a 60-month loan.

Best Egg Login

If you already have an account, you can easily login I n without much stress, just follow the procedures below;

  • First, as always, you need to go to the best egg website.
  • Then at the top of the page click on login.
  • You will be required to provide your email on the empty space provided. Do that and click on continue below.

After that follow the on-screen directions correctly and you will be taken to your account.



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