Best Jobs for Foreigners in Canada

What are the best jobs for foreigners in Canada? So many people that immigrate to Canada have the hope to find greener pastures there. Canada is a wonderful country and in recent times has been seen as a top destination for foreigners that are looking for job opportunities.

Best Jobs for Foreigners in Canada
Best Jobs for Foreigners in Canada

Canada is set to bounce back after the hit of the pandemic and it is looking to welcome over 1.23 million immigrants into the country within the next three years. It will help fill up labor shortages in the country and contribute to the growth and development of the country.

Best Jobs for Foreigners in Canada

The best jobs in Canada where you can earn high as a foreigner are in-demand jobs. Working in Canada means that you get to enjoy higher salaries compared to that of some neighboring countries along with a healthy work-life balance.

Employers in Canada are always ready to hire foreigners with the right aids, acquaintance, involvement, and proficiency to come to fill up labor shortages. Here in this article, we will be looking at some of the jobs that are in demand in Canada.

Rural And Northern Immigration Pilot

This is a program that is specifically designed to help the smaller communities in Canada strengthen their economies. And it allows foreigners to apply for jobs posted by employers in Canada who are part of the participating communities.

There are five participating provinces with eleven participating communities in the rural and northern immigration pilot. They are listed below:

  • Brandon in Manitoba.
  • Thunder bay in Ontario.
  • Timmins in Ontario.
  • North bay in Ontario.
  • Claresholm in Alberta.
  • Altona/Rhineland.
  • Vernon in British Columbia.
  • West Kootenay in British Columbia.
  • Sudbury in Ontario.
  • Sudbury in Ontario.
  • Moose jaw in Saskatchewan.


  • You must meet the language requirement.
  • You must meet the educational requirement.
  • You must have qualifying work experience.
  • You must meet the community-specific requirements.
  • You must show that you will live in the community you are recommended for.
  • You must prove that you have enough money to support your movement to the community.

How To Apply

The steps on how to apply are listed below:

  • Find an eligible job with an employer in one of the participating communities.
  • Once you have a job offer you will have to submit your application for recommendation to the community.
  • You must meet the IRCC eligibility requirements and also the community-specific requirements.
  • If a community recommends you, you can then apply for permanent residence.

That’s it.

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