Boatus Insurance: What Does Boatus Insurance Cover?

Do you own a recreational boat? As a proud boat owner, protecting your prized vessel and safeguarding yourself on the waves is a top priority. That’s why BoatUS Marine Insurance should be your trusted ally.

Boatus Insurance: What Does Boatus Insurance Cover?

With over 50 years of nautical expertise caring exclusively for boaters’ needs, BoatUS has you covered, whether cruising, fishing, or simply enjoying a day of family fun.

Let’s explore in this post why their customized boat policies set sail above the competition regarding value, service and peace of mind on the water.

About Boatus Insurance

BoatUS, formerly known as the Boat Owners Association of The United States, is the nation’s largest recreational boat owners association with over 700,000 members.

In addition to member services related to recreational boating, BoatUS offers speciality insurance products tailored for boaters through their BoatUS Marine Insurance program.

BoatUS Marine Insurance was created over 50 years ago, in 1966, and protects over 300,000 boats nationwide.

As one of the largest providers of watercraft insurance, BoatUS offers specialized policies for all sorts of boats, from runabouts and pontoons to fishing boats, sailing yachts and performance boats.

One of the advantages of going through BoatUS for boat insurance compared to standard insurance companies is that they cater exclusively to boaters.

With decades of expertise focusing solely on boats, BoatUS understands the unique risks facing different types of watercraft in different boating environments. This allows them to create tailored boat insurance policies at competitive rates.

Types of BoatUS Marine Insurance Policies

BoatUS Marine Insurance offers a variety of policy types depending on the type of boat and how the owner uses it. Policies include:

  1. Recreational boat insurance

Covers runabouts, ski boats, bass boats, pontoons and more. Protects against physical damage and theft. Optional liability plans are available. It can include coverage for fishing gear and watersports equipment.

  1. Yacht and sailboat insurance

Insurance for cruising and sailing yachts. Coverage for hull machinery, sails, masts, and loss of income if the boat cannot charter due to repairs and liability protection.

  1. High-performance boat insurance

Policies for racing boats, tournament bass boats, competition ski boats, wakeboard boats and more. Protects specialized performance parts and technology.

  1. Commercial fishing boat insurance

Tailored coverage for full- or part-time charter fishing boats, guide, work, and light commercial vessels.

  1. Boat rental insurance

Plans to protect rental boat fleets. It covers physical damage and loss of income if the boat cannot be rented during repairs. Ability to provide liability protection for renters.

In addition to covering physical damage, most boat insurance policies from BoatUS Marine Insurance provide liability coverage in case an accident injures others or damages their property. Many policies include on-water towing, fuel spill removal and lock replacement coverage.

Benefits and Discounts of Choosing BoatUS

5 There are many advantages to choosing BoatUS for recreational boat insurance over standard insurers. These benefits include:

  • BoatUS insurance is often more affordable than competitors since lower overhead costs can lead to reduced rates.
  • BoatUS members get additional discounts, saving policyholders an average of up to 10%.
  • Policies can be easily tailored by adding optional coverage for fishing gear, watersports equipment, storage and security devices. This customizability provides personalized protection.
  • BoatUS policies include emergency dispatch of on-water towing in case of breakdowns or running out of fuel. Many policies provide reimbursement for expenses incurred during tows as well.
  • BoatUS offers expert advice to help determine how much insurance coverage each boat needs so boaters are not over or under-insured.
  • Claims are handled directly in-house rather than through intermediaries, allowing for faster response times.

How to Get a Quote

Getting a boat insurance quote from BoatUS is quick and easy. The simplest method is by calling their toll-free number, 800-283-2883, where agents can provide quotes over the phone.

Many prefer starting the process online through their website,, where policy details can be obtained via online chat or by requesting an email quote.

To generate a BoatUS insurance quote, some basic information is required, including the type of boat, where it’s stored and operated, safety features onboard and desired coverage types.

Discounts may apply for BoatUS members, completing a safe boating course, adding storm anchors, using anti-theft devices, owning multiple boats and more.

Once the quote is finalized, purchasing the policy securely online takes just minutes. BoatUS also has licensed insurance agents nationwide who can guide people regarding specialized boat insurance requirements.

Whether old or brand new, speedboat or sailboat, BoatUS Marine Insurance provides the coverage boat owners require with service designed especially for recreators spending time on the water.

What Does Boatus Insurance Cover?

BoatUS marine insurance policies are designed specifically for recreational boaters and offer customizable coverage options for many types of watercraft. Here are some of the main things covered by a standard BoatUS insurance policy:

Physical Damage Coverage:

  • Hull & Machinery – Covers damage to the physical boat due to accidents, weather, fire, theft and more. This includes the hull, engine, electronics, and onboard systems.
  • Protection & Indemnity – Additional coverage for boating accidents and injuries where the policyholder is legally liable. Provides liability protection.
  • Medical Payments – Pays medical expenses for passengers injured on the insured boat, regardless of fault.

Additional BoatUS Policy Coverages:

  • On-Water Towing – Emergency towing/soft ungrounding is directed to your marina or repair shop. Fuel delivery for running out of gas. Jump starts, too.
  • Wreck Removal – Removal and disposal costs if your boat sinks or is damaged, and you are legally obligated to remove it.
  • Fishing Equipment – Optional riders cover physical damage for fishing gear and tackle onboard.
  • Watersports Equipment – Add-on coverage for loss/damage to wakeboards, water skis, tubes and more.

Other Coverages Included:

  • Lock Replacement – Reimbursement for lock replacement if keys are lost or stolen.
  • Spill Removal – Fuel/oil cleanup costs from covered accidents.
  • Emergency Labor – Pays for emergency repair labor at the loss location or transport to the repair yard.

So, in addition to comprehensive physical damage and boating liability, BoatUS policies offer helpful benefits like water towing, lock replacement and more. Optional coverages for fishing/watersports equipment and boat accessories are also available.


With over 50 years of specializing in boat insurance, BoatUS policies offer recreational boaters customizable protection for physical damage, liability risks, on-water towing and more.

Their affordable rates, policy discounts, and expert advice provide boat owners with comprehensive coverage tailored for life on the water.

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