Business Management Jobs in Different Countries with Salary Up to $129,500 Yearly

Business management jobs typically entail managing every aspect of a company, including marketing, human resources, operations, and finance. Thus, business managers must be adept in problem-solving, communication, and leadership.

Business Management Jobs in Different Countries with Salary Up to $129,500 Yearly

These skills will advance your career possibilities and ultimately lead to success. There are many business management job in openings in different countries and their salary range.

Keep reading to see an overview of various salary ranges of business management job in different countries.

Business Management Jobs in Different Countries and Their Salary Range

What is Business Management? Business management supervises and arranges different company tasks to accomplish objectives quickly. These tasks include organizing, leading, and controlling processes and resources.

Working as a business manager, you may be responsible for overseeing not-for-profit organizations, big businesses, government departments, hospitals, museums, and educational institutions in addition to entrepreneurial ventures. Although some work in senior management, others are team leaders or supervisors.

Despite that, all managers, have one thing in common. They all work in an organizational environment. They also need to be able to make strategic decisions that propel the company forward. Working as a company manager offers you opportunity to advance your career and gives you a lot of transferrable skills that you may use in other fields.

Being a business manager comes with several benefits. High salary, health, dental, and life insurance, tuition reimbursement, employee discounts, paid time off, retirement plans, and flexible work schedules are among the most popular benefits. speaking of high salary, the salary of a business manager do vary from country to country. Below are some of the paying countries where you can apply for business management job and their salary range:

Business Management Jobs in United States

Salary Range: $33,000 – $129,500 Annually

Most of business manager entry level salaries currently falls between $50,000 and $82,500 on average with top earners making $111,000 annually across the United States. However, a business manager can earn an annual salary as high as $129,500 and as low as $33,000.

Business Management Jobs in United Kingdom

Salary Range: £4,835 – £23,057 Annually

In the UK, the average yearly income for a business manager is £58,005. In the UK, business managers typically receive an additional £10,558, ranging from £4,835 to £23,057 annually salary.

Business Management Jobs in Germany

Salary Range: €116,000 – €66,000 Annually.

With an average yearly income of €75,869, the anticipated total wage for a business manager in the Germany area is €87,983 per year. furthermore, a business manager in Germany can earn annual salary of up to €116,000 in high and €66,000 in low.

Business Management Jobs in France

Salary Range: €88,000 – €61,000 Annually

In France, a business manager makes, on average, €76,000 annually. A business manager can earn as high a €88,000 a year and €61,000 on low. With an additional €8,000 in compensation, with a range of €5,000 to €12,800.

Business Management Jobs in Canada

Salary Range: $151,743 – $82,352 Annually

In Canada, the average yearly salary for business managers is $106,590, or $54.66 an hour. The entry-level wage for entry-level professions is $82,352, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is $151,743.

Business Management Jobs in Belgium

Salary Range: €105 084 – €36 912 Annually

In Belgium, the estimated monthly salary for a business manager is €105 084, with an average income of €36 912. An early career business manager with one to four years of experience makes an average total remuneration of €39,303.

Business Management Jobs in Norway

Salary Range: NOK 801,000 – NOK 665,000 Annually

In Norway, a business manager’s annual salary in total is expected to be NOK 736,144, with an average income of NOK 686,220. The salary range of a business manager is NOK 801,000 – NOK 665,000 with expected yearly increase in wages is NOK 49,924.

Job Duties of a Business Manager

The duties and responsibilities of a business manager include:

  • Supervising the work of other employees.
  • Recruiting, developing, and assessing fresh hires.
  • Verifying whether an organization or division is on course to fulfill its financial goal.
  • Reporting directly to the owner or to senior executives.
  • Overseeing group or team leaders.
  • Encouraging employees with rewards and compliments.
  • Participating in professional publications, attends educational events, and joins organizations to stay up to speed on job knowledge.
  • Creating and carrying out budgets.
  • Reporting is prepared for management.
  • Making sure employees have everything they need to do their tasks.
  • Reaching organizational objectives by taking responsibility for satisfying different and unique requests and looking for ways to enhance job performance.

Skills and Requirements for a Business Manager Job

Every business manager must have a specific set of abilities. To acquire a job as a business manager, you must have the following skills and requirements to qualify:

  • Managing of performance.
  • Project oversight.
  • Coaching.
  • Promoting cooperation.
  • Supervision.
  • Personnel.
  • Expertise in business.
  • Technical guidance.
  • Technical management.
  • Communication skills.

Educational Requirements:

Benefits of Having a Business Degree

Acquiring a degree in business or business management can help you in many ways, whether you’re thinking about getting one as a student or as an employee looking to grow in your profession. Here are some advantages of doing so:

  • Possibility of moving up faster in the ranks
  • Develop become a more capable and informed leader.
  • Increase in payment.
  • An improved comprehension of operations and strategy
  • simpler transfer to new professions
  • Boost the productivity of your team and yourself.
  • Acquire specific knowledge that is applicable to most sectors.

Where to Get a Business Manager Job Online

You can get a business manger job in a number of online platforms on the web. You can check for job listing on sites like:


How to Apply for Get Business Management Jobs Online

It no that quite hard to apply for this job, but before you apply make you have all the requirements you need to successfully get the job. Follow the steps below if you want to apply a business management job:

  • Search for job listing online in various job sites online. You can use and any of the above listed sites to find a business management.
  • Get and customize your CV. A bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field is the minimum need for the majority of business management roles, along with years of relevant experience.
  • Work experience in a specialized or related industry is necessary to prepare for this career path. Success in business requires an understanding of the nuances of an organization’s operations.
  • Ensure the skills and requirement in your cover letter align with the requirements in the job opening.
  • After making sure of that, you now proceed to submit your application. Now, you have to wait for the company to responds. If you are qualified for the job, you will be contact for an interview.

Customizing your CV gives you’re a better chance of being pick for the job.


Which management field has highest salary?

The highest paying positions are in the field of project management, specifically in the role of project manager. Throughout all phases of project management, the project manager takes charge of the work in accordance with the predetermined plan and plays a significant role.

Can I work abroad with a business degree?

Of course! Individuals who want to pursue a career in business administration and management abroad are lucky to have several options for employment available to them all around the world.

Are international business degrees worth it?

Working in international business empower you for high-paying job opportunities in the field. Though a degree with a strong international concentration is necessary for many different professions, including business analysis, policy advisory, and trading professionals.

Is business management high paying?

Yes! With salaries $69,300 greater than the national average, management jobs pay more than any other major job category.

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