Call of Duty Warzone Free Download, Review and PC Requirements

Have you ever asked yourself if Call of Duty Warzone is a Free game? Have you ever gotten the game? Or you are still looking for a way to download the Call of Duty Warzone? If yes then you are in the right article for that.

In this Call of Duty Warzone Free, we are going to show you are you can get the game on your PC. So, all you have to do is read through to the end of this article to find out. Call of Duty Warzone is one of the latest versions of the Call of Duty games. It was released on March 10, 202o, and has gotten millions of fans playing already.

Call of Duty Warzone Free

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Call of Duty Warzone Free

What is Call of Duty Warzone Free? This is a new massive combat game that falls within the Call of Duty games. It is part of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare but only that it doesn’t require purchasing of it.

Call of Duty Warzone is a completely free game for all players that are involved in it. It has a massive battleground field with just two game modes to play for and seek victory. The two-game modes include Battle Royale and Plunder where 150 players are dropped in the battlefield to loot and fight and earn the victory.

Where Can I Play Call of Duty Warzone

The game is available to be played for those who have the compatible platforms for which it can be played. As of the 12th of October 2020, the game is only available on three platforms. These platforms include PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. So, if you have any of these platforms, you can be able to play the Call of Duty Warzone.

Requirements to Play Call of Duty Warzone on Your PC

Like I said Call of Duty can be played on your PC. But the game is a really big game with high storage, quality graphics. This means that it can work on some systems. But if your system can manage to mee the required standards, you can enjoy the game without any form of glitch. Below are the requirements for the game to work well on your PC.

Minimum RequirementsRecommended requirements
OSWindows 7 64-Bit (SP1) or Windows 10 64-BitWindows 10 64-Bit latest update
ProcessorIntel Core i3-4340 or AMD FX-6300Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD Ryzen R5 1600X processor
Memory8 GB RAM12 GB RAM
VideoNVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / GeForce GTX 1650 or Radeon HD 7950NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / GTX 1660 or Radeon R9 390 / AMD RX 580
Video2 GB4 GB
Hard Drive175 GB175 GB
Direct XDirect X 12.0 compatible systemDirect X 12.0 compatible system
NetworkBroadband internet connectionBroadband internet connection
Sound CardDirectX CompatibleDirectX Compatible


There you have it these are the various requirements that you will need in other to play the game on your system and enjoy it.

What Weapons are Available on Warzone?

There are lots of weapons that are available in the Call of Duty Warzone. These weapons are categorized into three parts such as primary weapons, secondary weapons, and special weapons.

Primary weapons include assault rifles, SMGs (Submachine Guns), shotguns, LMGs (Light Machine Guns), marksman rifles, sniper rifles, and melee (riot shield). Secondary weapons are sidearms (pistols), launchers, and melee (combat knife). Special weapons include grenade launcher and some other mighty and powerful tools.

Primary and secondary tools are available and can be found in the warzone game or equipped in the loadout. Special weapons can only be found within the Warzone game.

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How to Download Call of Duty Warzone for Free

If you are looking for where and how to download the game for free simply follow the steps below.

  • First of all, you have to visit the download page.
  • Click on the platform for which you want to download it. That is either PS4, PC, or XBOX.
  • Follow the rest on-screen instruction to complete the download process.

Those steps to follow when you want to download the game.


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