Calming Netflix Shows for Dogs

Today, everyone has a better awareness of a dog’s social requirements. Supposing you want return to work or travel outside, you may need seek assistance or a means of keep your dog relax until you get back home. Well, there are some calming Netflix shows for dogs to ease your stress.

Calming Netflix Shows for Dogs

The scientific approach behind to calm your dog’s nervousness lies on soothing sounds and visuals. As we go further, we will consider some of the TV shows available on Netflix to keep your calm and at the same entertained.

Calming Netflix Shows for Dogs

Dog separation anxiety can make it tough for you and your pet to coexist. On the other hand, if you know what shows to treat them to while you’re gone can lessen the guilt you feel as you close door.

Here are some of the best calming Netflix shows for your dogs:


Streaming the Netflix historical drama “Bridgerton” can help to calm your dog. According to the study, it was the most calming TV show for dogs, with most puppies sleeping for an average of 37 minutes every hour of the show.

The Mandalorian:

Research reveals that the average pulse rate of dog dropped by 3.75 beats per minute when watching “The Mandalorian” a Disney’s Star Wars spinoff.

Mr. Bean:

“Mr. Bean” breaks the comedy trend and ranks second for calming dogs, partly due to its quiet approach and reliance on physical humor.

Stranger Things:

In a similar vein, with “Stranger Things” ranking among the most relaxing shows can also help dogs by lowering their average heart rates by 2 beats per minute.

Looking at the biggest relaxers on Netflix, quieter and more interesting television induces a deeper level of tranquility in them just as comedy and laughing tracks agitate dogs.

Is there a Netflix show for dogs?

Of course, yes! Dogs is an easy choice if you are looking for a series to binge with your dog. The show travels with different dogs and discusses their lives while highlighting the many things

Final Words

When it comes to addressing separation anxiety in dogs, TV shows may be the answer. It might be enough for a dog to hear softly spoken voices or soothing music on the radio to make them feel like people are around them.

However, watching TV shows on will be much better. According to this review, you will find that TV shows like Bridgerton, The Mandalorian, Mr. Bean, and Stranger Things calm help to calm your dogs and at the same time keep them entertained.


Is there a TV that keeps dogs entertained?

DogTV may not always be dripping with drama, suspense, and intrigue, but hey, it’s dog TV! Each episode is three to five minutes long and is divided into genres for stimulation, relaxation, and exposure. This corresponds to the average attention span of a dog.

How do you calm an anxious dog?

There are 7 proven ways you can use to calm your anxious dog and they are as follows:

  • Exercise Out Your Dog.
  • Physical contact.
  • Massage.
  • Music therapy.
  • Time-outs.
  • Calming coats and t-shirts.
  • Alternative therapies.

These are the most obvious technique to help a dog with separation anxiety is to never leave them alone.

What worsens separation anxiety in dogs?

Separation anxiety can be triggered along by moving, routine changes, welcoming new family members or pets, and other changes.

What is the best sound to calm a dog?

The music that calms dogs down the most is classical, gentle rock, and reggae. While, cats respond most to classical music and cat-specific music.

Do dogs prefer silence or TV?

It may not matter whether or not the TV is on if they rely mostly on their sense of smell. When left alone at home, the background noise of the television can help individuals feel less anxious if they use their hearing in a noticeable way.

Do intelligent dogs watch TV?

Dogs process screens and televisions differently from humans, but it turns out that they frequently pick up on what they are hearing and seeing. Some dogs just weren’t interested in watching TV, while in other instances, pet guardians say their dogs are fascinated by screens.

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