Everything you need to know about Car Insurance and Car Repairs

Car insurance helps to protect you financially, so you usually pay for car repairs after an accident or event that includes natural disasters and theft. The level of support given to drivers for car repairs during an accident depends solely on the type of coverage they have opted for.

Everything you need to know about Car Insurance and Car Repairs

Some car insurance companies offer optional add-ons to cover several vehicle repairs. However, car insurance won’t cover routine car maintenance or ongoing repairs except in the case of an accident.

Repairs Car Insurance Will Cover

As stated earlier, your car insurance policy will only cover repairs stemming from car accidents to the type of coverage you have opted for, and it also depends on who caused the accident.

If you are operating the minimum coverage policy, the car insurance company will cover your car repairs if it was damaged in an accident.

The minimum coverage policy also works in reverse, this means if another driver caused the accident, their minimum coverage policy will pay for your car repairs.

Suppose you are operating the full coverage policy, which includes collision and comprehensive insurance. In that case, your car insurance company can pay for damage to your car even after you cause an accident.

The full coverage will also pay for car repairs due to vandalism, theft, and natural disasters. However, the full coverage costs a whole lot more.

Mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI)

While we have established that not all car insurance coverages pay for repairs. There is a kind of insurance that handles payments for mechanical repairs.

The car repair insurance that handles repairs is called the mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI). MBI is similar to a car warranty as it helps to pay for repairs of crucial engine components in a vehicle.

MBI can also help repair other essential parts of a vehicle in the case of a breakdown. However, it does not cover the replacement and repairs of wear-and-tear items.

Wear and tear items include spark plugs, brake pads, filters, or tires. Most car insurance companies do not offer MBI.

MBI is essential as it can save you from paying thousands of dollars for repairs, as car repairs usually cost a fortune.

It can be used instead of a standard car insurance policy to help pay for your car repairs. However, if you cannot afford MBI, you can opt for insurance coverages such as roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement insurance.

Car Insurance companies that offer MBI

MBI is only offered by top-rated insurance companies. Below are some of the car insurance providers that offer MBI:

  • Geico with an Overall Rating of 9.1
  • Progressive with an overall rating of 8.7
  • American Family with an overall rating of 8.5


Does Car Insurance Cover Car Repairs After an Accident?

Car insurance can cover your car repairs if there is an accident. However, this depends on some factors, which include the type of coverage you have and who is responsible for the accident.

If the other driver has insurance if another car is involved, and if you hit something other than a vehicle.

Who Pays for the car Repairs if I am Involved in an Accident with Another car?

If you are involved in an accident with another car, the question of who pays for the car repairs depends on If the other car is at fault. As their insurance company will pay for the damage.

However, if you are responsible for the accident, repairs to your car can only be covered if you purchased the insurance coverage that is responsible for those payments.

The insurance coverage responsible for such payments is the collision coverage, without this, you may have to pay for it yourself.

What are the Limits to MBI?

MBI has some limitations; below are some of them:

  • MBI providers will only pay for repairs at an approved car repair shop
  • MBI will request a deductible and then pick up the remaining repair costs
  • MBI is strictly for repairs and does not include maintenance

Does Insurance Cover Vehicle Break-ins?

If you have a comprehensive insurance policy, they can cover vehicle break-ins. This is because the policy pays for damages related to vandalism and theft.

The comprehensive insurance coverage policies fully cover broken windows and damaged locks. However, personal belongings in your car during the theft are not covered.

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