Best Car Insurance in Connecticut

If you’re a driver in Connecticut looking for car insurance, you have plenty of options. But how do you know which company suits your needs and budget? I analyzed dozens of top insurers to find Connecticut’s best car insurance providers.

Finding the Best Car Insurance in Connecticut

This post overviews my top picks and what makes them stand out.

What Makes a Great Car Insurer in Connecticut?

When researching car insurance companies in Connecticut, I looked at several key factors to grade them on affordability, financial stability, coverage options and customer satisfaction ratings.

The perfect insurer for you depends on what you need from a policy, but some of the key things I assessed include:

  • Cost – I compared average annual premium rates for minimum and full coverage based on consumer data. More affordable insurers score higher.
  • Ratings – JD Power ranks insurers by region based on consumer surveys. Companies rated higher for customer satisfaction made my list.
  • Coverage – The best insurers in CT offer a good selection of standard coverage plus extra protections like roadside assistance.
  • Stability – I checked financial strength scores from AM Best and S&P to make sure recommended companies are reliable long-term.

The Top 5 Car Insurance in Connecticut

1. Geico

Geico is the second largest auto insurer nationwide and ranks at the top in Connecticut for good reason. It has very competitive premium rates and a long list of ways to save, with discounts for military, good students, good credit and much more.

Geico also scored highest for customer satisfaction in JD Power’s regional ratings. With excellent digital tools too, Geico hits all the right notes.

Average Annual Premiums: Minimum Coverage: $404 Full Coverage: $1,096

Geico Pros:

  • Competitive rates and numerous discounts
  • Top rankings for customer satisfaction
  • Easy claims process and good mobile app
  • Wide variety of coverage options


  • Mixed reviews for customer service
  • Fewer local agent offices compared to competitors

2. Amica Mutual

As the only mutual insurer to make my list, Amica stands out with extremely high customer satisfaction scores. Although they don’t offer the cheapest rates in Connecticut, many drivers are willing to pay a little extra for Amica’s A+ service. Unique policy options like guaranteed dividends, plus lots of standard discounts to help offset rates is icing on the cake.

Average Annual Premiums: Minimum Coverage: $401 Full Coverage: $1,126

Amica Mutual Pros:

  • Extremely high customer satisfaction
  • Dividend policies to give back premiums
  • Good discount opportunities
  • Quick claims handling


  • Higher premium rates on average
  • Few options for high risk drivers


It’s important to note that USAA isn’t an option for everyone since you need military or veteran ties to qualify. But for those who have served our country and their families, USAA is a stellar choice for car insurance in Connecticut. They offer specialized discounts tailored for military life, plus great customer service and premium rates that are competitive despite limited eligibility.

Average Annual Premiums:
Minimum Coverage: $443 Full Coverage: $1,317

USAA Pros:

  • Great customer service reputation
  • Specialized military discounts
  • Competitive rates for members


  • Limited membership eligibility
  • Few local agent offices

4. State Farm

Known for local agent accessibility and stellar customer service reputation, State Farm is a reasonable option for many Connecticut drivers. Average annual premium rates are a little steep compared to competitors, but State Farm makes up for it with plenty of bundling deals and multi-policy discounts that can help policyholders save.

Average Annual Premiums: Minimum Coverage: $580 Full Coverage: $1,488

State Farm Pros:

  • National reach with local agents
  • Bundling discounts available
  • Long history and good brand reputation


  • Expensive premium rates
  • Mixed claims satisfaction ratings

5. Nationwide

Rounding out my top Connecticut car insurers is Nationwide. Offering strong coverage options plus a good range of money-saving discounts makes it a flexible option, although claims satisfaction scores could be better. Still, for such a large insurer it does well meeting individual customer needs.

Average Annual Premiums: Minimum Coverage: $727
Full Coverage: $1,362

Nationwide Pros:

  • Variety of coverage options
  • Range of discounts to reduce premiums
  • Strong financial backing


  • Lower customer satisfaction ratings
  • Higher rates for minimum coverage on average

Connecticut Car Insurance Requirements

Although Connecticut drivers have plenty of companies to pick from for coverage, state minimum requirements are:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability

Keep in mind that going with just minimum liability protection is risky. If you cause an accident that injures someone or damages their vehicle/property for more than your policy limits, you’ll be personally on the hook for those costs. I recommend talking to an agent about your options if you want more complete protection.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Connecticut

On average Connecticut drivers pay some of the lowest premiums in the country. Average annual rates are:

  • Minimum Coverage: $620
  • Full Coverage: $1,553

Compare this to the national averages of $622 for minimum and $2,014 for full coverage – Connecticut comes in well under average!

Where you fall on the spectrum depends on your personal risk profile and policy limits. Start getting quotes to find the best rate for your needs!

How Can Drivers Save on Connecticut Car Insurance Premiums?

The good news is Connecticut boasts some of the most affordable auto insurance rates nationwide. But there are still ways you may be able to reduce your premiums and maximize savings:

⬥ Raise deductibles – Opting for higher deductibles means you pay more out-of-pocket if you file a claim. In return, you save money on monthly payments.

⬥ Compare quotes frequently – Premium rates change over time. Re-checking every 1-2 years ensures you still have the best deal.

⬥ Ask about discounts – Most insurers offer savings for things like: safe driving history, good credit, multiple policies, defensive driving courses and more.

Improve credit score – Fair/poor scores often mean you pay higher insurance rates. Boosting it could save you money.

⬥ Consider usage-based options – Some insurers provide programs to track driving habits through an app or device plugin. Safe driving is rewarded with policy discounts!

Finding the Best Car Insurance Company For You

Ultimately what makes a car insurance company the “best” comes down to how well they serve your needs as an individual driver.

I recommend starting your search by getting quotes from my top picks for Connecticut. Look closely at coverage and discount options to find an insurer matching your priorities.

And remember customer satisfaction and premium rates can change over time, so be sure to reassess options at your next renewal period.

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