Cheapest Boat Insurance – Understanding Boat Insurance Coverage Options

Owning a boat can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it comes with costs and responsibilities. One is ensuring your prized vessel is adequately insured in case mishaps occur while on the water.

10 Cheapest Boat Insurance

Lucky for you, I’ve done the research and found the most affordable boat insurance policies currently available, so protecting your aquatic investment doesn’t have to break the bank.

Whether you’ve got a small fishing skiff or a large yacht, this list has budget-friendly insurance options to fit all seafaring needs and budgets.

I compared coverage levels, customer satisfaction ratings, deductibles, and premium costs from top providers to find policies that check all the boxes without emptying your wallet.

Why is Boat Insurance Important?

Even though paying for boat insurance increases your costs of boat ownership, going without coverage can become far more expensive in the long run if something goes wrong. Here are some of the main reasons boat insurance is so crucial:

  • It covers accidents and damage: Boating mishaps can occasionally happen from collisions to capsizing. Boat insurance helps pay for repairs and replacement if your boat suffers damage. This prevents expensive out-of-pocket repair costs.
  • Meets state laws: Most states legally require liability coverage for boat owners to cover bodily injury or property damage inflicted on others. Boat insurance helps meet these legal mandates.
  • Provides liability protection: Even minor boating accidents can lead to major liability claims if others suffer harm. Boat insurance gives coverage up to policy limits to shield you from expensive legal judgments.
  • Covers theft and vandalism: Marinas can be prime targets for boat thieves and vandals. Boat insurance provides financial relief if your vessel is stolen or damaged by others. This can make all the difference in being able to replace your boat.

What Impacts Your Boat Insurance Rates?

While boat insurance is mandatory for most boaters, policy costs can vary widely depending on these key factors:

  • Boat type and features: Faster boats with greater horsepower and expensive add-ons usually cost more to insure. Age, size, construction materials, and intended use also affect rates.
  • Boating experience: New boaters represent higher risks to insurers. Having prior experience and maritime training help demonstrate responsibility.
  • Operating area: Boating in open oceans or waters far from home costs more as the potential for damaging weather conditions becomes greater. Sticking closer to shore can reduce premiums.
  • Secure storage location: Keeping your boat properly stored lowers its exposure to damage or theft. Marina slips usually cost more than indoor storage.

Understanding Boat Insurance Coverage Options

To get adequate protection, it’s important to understand the different types of boat insurance coverage available. Most policies include some combination of the following:

  • Liability Insurance: Covers injury to passengers or damage to other boats/property. This is mandatory in most states.
  • Physical Damage Insurance: Repairs or replaces your boat and equipment if it suffers a covered loss like capsizing, sinking, fire, collisions, grounding, etc.
  • Uninsured Boater Coverage: Provides protection if your boat is hit by an at-fault boater without sufficient insurance.
    You can tailor coverage limits and deductibles when getting quotes to balance premium costs against protecting assets.

How to Reduce Your Boat Insurance rates?

While boat insurance is compulsory, here are some proven ways to get cheaper rates without sacrificing necessary protection:

  • Take safety courses – Many insurers give discounts for passing an approved safe boating certification course. This demonstrates you understand maritime regulations and safety best practices.
  • Bundle with other policies – Insurers often give multipolicy discounts if you have existing coverage like homeowners or auto insurance with them and add boat insurance.
  • Use vessel tracking – Having GPS tracking on your boat allows insurers to offer anti-theft discounts on premiums since recovery becomes easier if stolen.
  • Increase security measures – Things like criminal alarm systems, locked storage facilities, anti-theft devices and marina surveillance can qualify you for lower rates.
  • Improve credit rating – Most insurers check credit as a proxy for responsibility. Maintaining excellent credit can significantly reduce premium costs over time.

Top 10 Cheapest Boat Insurers

Now that you understand the vital coverage provided by boat insurance and ways to reduce rate costs, here is our list of some of the most competitive and budget-friendly boat insurers in the industry based on customer satisfaction, premium rates and service quality:

  1. BoatUS

BoatUS caters specifically to recreational boaters and yacht owners across the U.S. They offer liability, physical damage, medical payments, and uninsured boater coverage. Policy limits go up to $1 million.

BoatUS pros include:

  • Numerous discounts – Savings for safety courses, multi-policies, claims-free renewals, equipment, and theft deterrents
  • Highly rated claims service – 24/7 emergency assistance, fast processing times, in-house adjusters
  • Perks – Towing/on-water services, fuel discounts, marina access with membership

Cons: Mixed reviews of damage claim payouts, higher rates for high-performance boats

Eligibility: All U.S.-registered recreational watercraft

2. GEICO Marine

GEICO Marine provides affordable premiums and comprehensive coverage choices. Options include liability, medical payments, personal property, fishing equipment, towing/labor, boat trailer, and personal effects coverage.


  • Low rates and broad coverage selection
  • Boat toolbox, watersport/fishing equipment coverage
  • Good customer service reputation
  • Convenient mobile and online claims filing

Cons: Usage-based pricing not available, limited selections for high-end boats

Eligibility: Small watercraft to yachts and performance boats

3. Progressive

Progressive boat policies feature physical damage, total loss replacement, and liability insurance. Bundling with Progressive auto policies allows for multi-policy discounts.

Key pros:

  • Safety certification discounts
  • Claims support with 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Flexible liability limits and deductibles
  • Bundling discounts with auto policies

Cons: Mixed customer service reviews, usage-based pricing not offered

Eligibility: Outboard motors, jet skis, small craft, high-performance boats

4. Foremost

Foremost provides liability, wreckage removal, medical payments, and physical damage on boats, yachts, personal watercraft like jet skis, and small boats/kayaks.


  • Specializes in lowest nationwide prices for personal watercraft
  • Multi-vehicle and loyalty renewal discounts
  • Online/mobile claims filing abilities
  • Savings for safety courses and anti-theft devices

Cons: Less suitable for large boats, mediocre financial strength rating

Eligibility: Jet skis, wave runners, kayaks, dinghies, and bass boats

5. SeaTow

SeaTow couples 1 year recreational boating membership with flexible, affordable boat insurance.


  • Basic on-water towing/assistance included
  • Discounts for safety courses, Vessel Assist, and BoatUS memberships
  • 24/7/365 claims contact center
  • Coastal navigation zone rating choices

Cons: Regional availability limitations, additional fees for premium assistance services

Eligibility: Smaller recreational boats and yachts

6. Markel

Markel provides a variety of usage-based categories to reflect navigational durations and mileage. This allows customers to find the optimal rate for planned boat usage.


  • Home and automobile policy bundling
  • Rental boat coverage available
  • Direct in-house claims adjusters
  • Quick electronic claims payments

Cons: Claims complexity with usage categories, sustainability initiatives limited

Eligibility: Small watercraft through yachts

7. National General

National General features open physical damage and liability limits to tailor coverage. Discounts apply for approved safety certification courses.

National General pros:

  • Coverage customization with broad options
  • Reduced rates for safety certification
  • Boat quote comparisons online
  • Mobile app claims initiation abilities

Cons: Telephone claims process only, policy administration fees

Eligibility: Personal watercraft like jet skis and small recreational boats

8. State Farm

State Farm stands out in the boat insurance market by offering some of the most affordable premiums around. As the largest personal lines insurer in the United States, State Farm leverages its market position to keep rates low.


  • Among the lowest premiums in the industry
  • Large nationwide network of local agents
  • Bundles with other policies may save money
  • Strong financial strength and claims reputation


  • Less personalized service than independent agents
  • Only basic liability coverage available in some states

State Farm’s size and strength enables them to offer budget-friendly rates to recreational boaters nationwide. They insure all types of personal watercraft from speedboats and pontoons to jet skis and sailboats. For boaters looking for cheap, no-frills insurance, State Farm should be on the short list to quote.

9. Safeco

Safeco provides savings when homeowners and boat policies are bundled together. Automatic discounts apply for boats properly equipped with federally-approved lifesaving devices.


  • Home and boat combo discounts
  • Lifesaving device equipment discounts
  • 24/7 mobile and online claims capacities
  • Locking device and storage discounts

Cons: Regional limitations for boat types/usage zones

Eligibility: Small watercraft to mid-sized cruisers

10. National Marine

National Marine features liability policies with reduced rates if boats have monitoring systems. Affiliations with organizations like US Power Squadrons also lower premiums. National Marine pros:

  • Vessel monitoring and association member savings
  • Marine insurance specialization
  • Phone claims assistance from specialists
  • Policies for high value boats available

Cons: High rates for very large yachts, limited policy bundling

Eligibility: Outboard boats, personal watercraft, mid-sized cruisers

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you gain a well-rounded understanding of boat insurance, here are answers to some common questions:

What impacts premium rates more?

A boat’s specs, intended navigation area, owner experience, usage frequency/duration and storage security most affect costs.

Is boat insurance legally required?

Liability coverage is compulsory in most U.S. states. Just a few exempt certain low powered boats. Check local laws.

How does claiming insurance work?

You pay deductible, insurer assesses damage, repairs/replaces vessel and equipment up to coverage limits minus deductible.

Comparing Quotes

Along with the top low-cost insurers listed earlier, getting multiple quotes from providers in your state and comparing coverage helps ensure the most savings on mandatory protection:

  • – Free insurance quotes from leading insurers plus coverage cost comparisons. – Quickly view rates from top national and regional boat insurance companies.
  • – Local broker offers side-by-side comparisons from variety of insurers.
    When weighing multiple quotes and coverage options, watch for exclusions, limits, deductibles and sustainability ratings.

Finding an insurer that checks all boxes across affordability, financial strength and service satisfaction is ideal for your boating budget.


Finding boat insurance that genuinely protects you without breaking your boating budget is achievable by following the guidance in this guide.

Prioritize safety, security and responsibility to qualify for discounts from reputable low-cost insurers. This keeps that dream boat well covered at a price you can afford.

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