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Do you want to change your Facebook page name? To change the Facebook page name is very easy because Facebook most of Facebook can. Unlike a few years ago when it was impossible, now it’s quite easy to change the name of your Facebook page name. But Facebook will have to approve the name that you are changing to first.

Change Facebook Page Name

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Change Facebook Page Name

For you to change the name of a Facebook page you are considered to be the admin of that particular page that you are willing to change. The Facebook page has a lot of roles but, the only person that can change the name of a page is the Facebook page admin. It used to be quite difficult but, Facebook has made some recent changes. It will take only a few steps to change the name of your Facebook page.

Below are some guidelines that will help you a lot in changing your Facebook name page. Please, you advised to pay attention carefully to the message I will be giving to you in this article.

To change your Facebook page name, login as an Admin of the page that you wish to change then:

  • Click “About” on the left side of your page.
  • Next to your page name, you will find the edit button, click on it.
  • Enter the new name you want to change to and click on continue.
  • Lastly, review your request and click on the requested change.


Make sure that the name you requested is the one you want because it cannot be undone. Don’t forget to check your spellings before you click on the request change button. After clicking on the request change button, your request will go to Facebook for approval.

If you have tried the procedures above and it does not work for you, continue reading, on how to do it on mobile.

Change Facebook Page Name on Mobile

If you are having problems changing your Facebook page name on your PC or you are not a desktop user, I’m afraid you can’t change your page name using your mobile app. The Facebook app on your mobile doesn’t have one or several essential functions and you can only do this using your PC.

It appears in early January that you cannot change your Facebook page name in the mobile app. When you trying to, it looks like you will be able to, but when you tap on the edit button, you will be unable to. You will get a “content not found” notification. Nevertheless, if you cannot change the name of your page on the Facebook mobile app, you can do it on the mobile website if you are willing to follow my lead.

Here is a video that will walk you through. Visit

Problems Involved in Changing My Facebook Page Name

Facebook pages do not allow you to change its name at any time it wishes. So, if it does not work, you will have to wait for some time then, try again later.

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Below are some of the reasons why you are not able to change your Facebook page name

  • Maybe, you might not have a page role that enables you to change your Facebook page name.
  • Another admin or you recently changed your page name.
  • There may be some limits on your Facebook page that you do not know about.
  • You are not authorized to change the name of a regional page if it is under a global page.

I am sure those problems above will be of good use to you, in guiding you on the right path to change your Facebook name.

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