How to Check Zenith Bank Account Number Via SMS

Zenith Bank has evolved to provide quick and easy access to your account details, including your account number, using a simple text message. If you’re a Zenith Bank customer wanting to check your account number via SMS, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Check Zenith Bank Account Number Via SMS

In this article, we will walk you through the steps for getting your Zenith Bank account number via a straightforward SMS.

What is the Zenith Bank SMS Service for Checking my Account?

The Zenith Bank SMS service is a feature that allows you to check your account balance, view your account number, and complete other banking tasks using text messages (SMS).

What to do before you Send an SMS to Check your Zenith Bank Account Number

Before you begin, ensure your cellphone number is registered with Zenith Bank and linked to your account. This is essential for the SMS service to function correctly. If you’re unsure, contact Zenith Bank’s customer support to confirm the status of your mobile number.

How do I use the Zenith Bank SMS Service?

To use the service, send a specified SMS keyword to Zenith Bank’s SMS service number. The term is frequently related to the task you want to complete, such as checking your account number.

What are the Zenith Bank Customer Service Numbers?

You can access your Account number via SMS sent to the following zenith bank customer service numbers:

Send an SMS to +234-1-2927000 or +234-1-4647000, requesting your account number.

What is the SMS keyword for Checking my Zenith Bank Account Number?

To check your Zenith Bank account number, send an SMS with the keyword “BAL” to the Zenith Bank SMS service number.

Steps on How to Check your Zenith Bank Account Number via SMS

  • Open your messaging app and compose a new SMS. In the message body, send a specified keyword to Zenith Bank’s SMS service number. The keyword is often associated with asking about your account balance.
  • Zenith Bank’s SMS service will automatically respond when you submit the SMS. The information you requested, including your account number, will be included in the answer you will get.

Important Tips

  • Maintain a Sufficient Balance: Some banks may charge a fee for this service. Make sure you have enough money in your account to meet any connected costs.
  • Make use your registered mobile number: The SMS must be sent from the cellphone number associated with your Zenith Bank account. If you try a different number, you might not get the necessary information.
  • Safeguard Your Data: Keep your account information, including your account number, private. Never provide it to someone who should not be able to access your account.

Once you’ve received the SMS with your account number, please keep it safe, such as your phone’s notes or a password manager app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked on how to check Zenith bank account number Via SMS and their short answers:

Is it necessary for me to be connected to the internet to use the Zenith Bank SMS service?

No, an internet connection is not required to use the Zenith Bank SMS service. It works with any mobile phone with SMS capability, including basic feature phones.

Is there a charge for using Zenith Bank’s SMS service?

Zenith Bank typically does not charge for SMS service use. Your mobile service provider, on the other hand, might charge regular SMS fees. It’s a good idea to check with your network provider about any potential costs.

Can I send the SMS to any mobile number to check my Zenith Bank account number?

No, the SMS must be sent from a mobile phone associated with your Zenith Bank account. Making use of a different number might result in an unsuccessful transaction.

How soon after sending the SMS will I receive a response with my account number?

The response time varies, but you should receive a prompt SMS response from Zenith Bank’s SMS service within a few seconds to a minute.


Checking your Zenith Bank account number via SMS is a quick and easy way to get your banking information while on the go. You may quickly receive your account number by following the procedures provided in this article.

To ensure a trouble-free experience, keep your banking information secure and use the service only from your registered cellphone number.

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