Who is the Founder of Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank, one of Nigeria’s most prominent financial institutions, has a remarkable history dating back to its founders. Established in 1990, the bank has evolved to become a symbol of excellence and innovation in the Nigerian banking industry.

Who is the Founder of Zenith Bank

The article looks into the narrative of the visionary founders who gave birth to Zenith Bank and set it on its path to success.

Who is Founder of Zenith Bank?

Jim Ovia CFR is the founder of Zenith Bank. He started Zenith Bank Plc in 1990, and it has since grown to become one of Africa’s biggest financial institutions. Zenith Bank Plc is currently the continent’s sixth largest bank.

The bank’s shareholder fund expanded from $20 million in 1990 to $1.38 trillion at the end of 2022. Today, the bank thrives on the strong values, brand equity, corporate culture of professionalism, and service quality that served as its foundations upon which the bank was built

When was Zenith Bank Founded?

Zenith Bank Plc was established in May 1990, and commenced operations in July of the same year as a commercial bank.

The Bank became a public limited company on June 17, 2004 and was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) on October 21, 2004 following a highly successful Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Zenith Bank Plc currently has a shareholder base of more than half a million and is Nigeria’s biggest bank by tier-1 capital. In 2013, the Bank listed $850 million worth of its shares at $6.80 each on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

What is the Vision of Zenith Bank

To become the leading Nigerian, technology-driven, global financial institution that provides distinctive range of financial services.

What is the Mission of Zenith Bank

To build the zenith brand into a reputable international financial institution recognized for innovation, superior performance and creation of premium value for all stakeholders

What are Core Values of the Zenith Bank

Integrity, Professionalism, Corporate Governance, Loyalty and Excellent Service.

What is Zenith Bank slogan?

Zenith bank slogan is “In your best interest”

Frequently Asked Questions

Bbelow are some of the frequently asked questions about the founder of Zenith bank and their short answers:

Who is Jim Ovia?

Jim Ovia is a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist. He played a pivotal role in the founding of Zenith Bank and served as its first Managing Director/CEO.

How has Zenith Bank evolved over the years under its founders’ guidance?

Zenith Bank expanded its branch network, introduced innovative products and services, and maintained a strong commitment to customer-centric banking.

What is the significance of the founders’ vision and commitment to excellence in Zenith Bank’s growth?

The founders’ vision and commitment continue to be a driving force behind Zenith Bank’s pursuit of banking perfection, making it a symbol of success in the Nigerian banking industry.


The founding of Zenith Bank is a testament to the vision and determination of its founders, Jim Ovia. His dedication to excellence, innovation, and offering excellent financial services to Nigerians.

It has shaped Zenith Bank into what it is today—a symbol of success in the Nigerian banking industry.

As Zenith Bank continues to grow, the legacy of its founders’ lives on, inspiring future generations of entrepreneurs and business leaders in Nigeria and beyond.

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