How to Make Bj Credit Card Payment

A financial product that is provided in collaboration with Comenity Bank and BJ’s Wholesale Club is the credit card. The purpose of this credit card is to offer advantages and incentives to customers of BJ’s Wholesale Club. Customer which are also known as Cardholders can use their Bj credit card to make payment in different ways.

How to Make Bj Credit Card Payment

Types of Bj Credit Card

Bj credit card varies based on your specification and Bj credit card has two different cards:

  • BJ’s One Mastercard. Features that make up this card are 3% back in rewards on some of purchases made at BJ, 10₵ off/gal. at BJ gas, 1.5% return reward everywhere Mastercard is accepted and World Mastercard status.
  • BJ’s One plus Mastercard has cool features like 5% return on most of BJ’s purchases, 15₵ off/gal at BJ Gas, 2% return everywhere Mastercard is accepted, and a World Mastercard status.
  • BJ’s Business Elite Mastercard features are 5% return on most of BJ’s purchases, 15₵ off/gal at BJ’s Gas, 2% returns everywhere Mastercard is accepted, and World Elite Mastercard status.

Features of Bj Credit Card


Generally, BJ’s credit cards receive benefits, including cashback, on qualifying purchases made at BJ’s Wholesale Club as well as on a few other categories, such eating, travel, and gas. These points can be exchanged for future purchases or turned into BJ’s-acceptable checks.

Contactless Payments

A number of BJ’s credit cards enable contactless payments, which let users tap their cards on terminals that accept them to quickly and securely complete purchases.

Building Credit

Using your BJ’s credit card responsibly will help you raise or establish your credit score, which is necessary to get good interest rates on loans and other financial items.

And other detailed benefits are:

  • World Mastercard status.
  • 3% return on some of Bj purchases.
  • 1.5% return reward anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Methods to Make Payment with Your Bj Credit Card

There are different mediums of making payment with the Bj credit card and there are: through the mobile app, by phone, by mail, online and more;

Payment through Mobile app

After downloading the Bj mobile app then you get to log into your account on the app and go to the payment section and follow every on-screen instruction in order to effect payment.

Payment on Online

The online method involves the following process or step:

  1. Enter your login credentials to access your online account.
  2. Go to your account’s payment section after logging in.
  3. Choose the bank account you wish to use to make the payment and enter the amount.
  4. After checking the payment information, send the money.

Money Transfer by Phone

The customer care number listed on the back of your BJ’s credit card can be used to make a phone payment. To make the payment, either use the automated process or contact a representative.

Payment through Mail

 To make your payment, mail a cheque or money order to the address listed on your billing statement. Ensure that the cheque has your account number on it.

Payment through Payment Providers

The Payment providers could also be seen as the customer service and in order to do is to reach out to Comenity Bank which is the issuing bank for BJ’s credit cards.

You could contact Comenity bank are customer service phone number, the Bj’s credit card account online on the Comenity bank website is another way, you could also go directly to the Comenity bank website, and other means.


Which credit cards are accepted by BJ?

Methods of payment and coupons. Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Network are accepted at BJ’s for in-club purchases as well as online at and through the BJ’s mobile app.

Debit cards, cash, and checks are all accepted inside the club. In some states, EBT is accepted for both in-club purchases and online purchases at

What’s the cost of a BJ’s credit card?

What is the credit card amount for BJ? Although there isn’t an annual cost for the card, there is a BJ’s membership fee.

Currently, the annual membership charge for the BJ’s One Mastercard is $55. while the annual membership fee for the BJ’s One+ Mastercard and BJ’s Business Elite Mastercard is $110.

Is there a BJ credit card app?

Is there a BJ credit card app? Yes, it does. To download the BJ’s Credit Card mobile app, select iOS or Android, and then sign in using your online account’s credentials.

What is Mastercard from BJ?

Mastercards from BJ’s: One+ and Business Elite. Reward yourself with 5% back on eligible purchases. With your BJ’s One+ Mastercard or BJ’s Business Elite Mastercard, you can earn 2% back in rewards on all other purchases made outside of BJ’s.

Can you use a BJ’s credit card anywhere?

Since it is an open-loop credit card, as opposed to some store cards. You can use it everywhere Mastercard is accepted and accrue rewards for qualifying purchases made outside of the wholesale club.

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