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Cleaning Jobs in the USA With Visa Sponsorship is one amazing job that allows you to live and also legally work in the United States. You can earn up to $36,751 to  $56,276 per year. Getting a cleaning job in the US with visa sponsorship is not as difficult as it seems and you can as well earn up to $15.74 to $24.10 per hour. 

Hence, foreigners who may want to pursue their educational career in the United States but don’t have enough funds can apply for a cleaning job to get started. Well, this article will give you a list of vacancies available in the US that offer visa sponsorship (Cleaning Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship) and you can also earn $230 to $353 per day. 

Below are other visa sponsorship jobs in USA you can also apply for. 

Cleaning Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship

Cleaning jobs in the United States with visa sponsorship is a program that allows foreigners access to free visas and a well-paying cleaning job. In some cases, this employment comes with free accommodation. However, the program also allows US employers and companies to find helping hands from outside their country.

Salaries of a Cleaner in USA with Visa Sponsorship

The salary is based on the years of experience, location, and company size. however, their salary range is between $15.74 to $24.21 per hour and $36,827 to  $56,523 per year.

Type of Job

Hourly salary

Daily Salary range

Weekly Salary range

Per month salary range

Per year salary range

Cleaner Job

$15.77 – $24.21

$231- $354



$36,827 to $56,523.


The average cleaner salary in the United States of a cleaner is $33,706 per year and $20.19 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $30,874 per year while most experienced workers make up to $69,420 per year. This amount could change as time goes on.

Some Cleaning Jobs in USA to Apply For with Visa Sponsorship

There are lots of cleaning jobs with visa sponsorship that you can apply for in the United States. However, you must go for the best.

Type of Job 

Yearly salary

Monthly Pay

Weekly Pay

Hourly Wage

Part Time House Maid





Work From Home Heavy Cleaner





Warehouse Cleaner





Equipment Cleaner






Here are some of the best cleaning jobs to apply for in the United States:

Commercial Cleaners

This type of cleaner is seen as the most popular type of cleaning job in the US. Their jobs include cleaning offices, apartments, business premises, and others. Hence, they are in high demand in large cities in the US.

Well, if you are living close to a commercial center, you can get lots of cleaning jobs to apply for. These cleaners are accessible to an average salary of $9.48 to $20.98 per hour and $33,569 per year. However, this amount can be changed as companies vary.

Window Cleaners

Window cleaning is another type of cleaning job in the United States. Hence, they have to work flexible hours. Moreso, as a window cleaner, you are permitted to work weekends. The average rate for window cleaners is $16 to $20 per hour.

Executive Cleaners/Housekeepers

As an executive housekeeper, you are given the responsibility to oversee all aspects of a household, some of which include, cooking, laundry, decorations, and landscaping.

Furthermore, you are to manage many priorities and demands and also solve problems, support the staff, and perform the duties of housekeeping when needed. This type of cleaner is given an average salary of $18.97 per hour and also $64,712 most in a year. There is every possibility of changes as companies vary.

Residential Cleaners

As residential cleaning, you can work on a full or part-time basis. Furthermore, you don’t need special equipment, just basic cleaning supplies, such as mops, cleaning cloths and some cleaning products. You are, however, accessible to an average salary of $17.27 per hour and also $26,376 or more in a year.


Housekeepers are responsible for the supervision of cleaning. They ensure, that the house is kept in a good and hygienic. Furthermore, they take note of anything that will cause damage or tamper with the healthy condition of the home. This set of people is paid $30 to $45 hourly and $64,712 and more in a year.

Sanitization Service 

Sanitization means reducing the number of germs and microorganisms on surfaces or objects to a safe level. As a sensitization service provider, you must take safety precautions in carrying out your services as major chemicals could be very harmful to human health.

However, to offer sanitization services, you need to use EPA-registered cleaning products as they are less harmful but effective. Sanitization cleaner earns a total pay of above $40 to $48 per hour and $129.11 per year. However, this amount could likely change as the company varies.

Property Maintenance 

Property maintenance persons are responsible for ensuring buildings and environments are in optimum condition. Their duties include safety checks, cleaning, rodent control, garbage, disposal, gardening, and others. They earn an average salary of about, $40 and more. Note this could change as each company has differences in principles and policy.


Top Companies for Cleaners in the United States With Visa Sponsorship 

You might wonder where to apply for cleaning jobs in the USA, am here with some top companies to apply from. Check out the table form before examining in detail the explanation of each company:

Company Name

Website to apply from

Salary per hour

Salary per year

ISS Facility Services

$10.40- $37.00

$29,496- $139,644


$11.36- $21.65

$21,000- $167,413


$10.00- $28.95

$39,950- $74,834

Molly Maid

$9.49- $23.80



$11.10- $22.36

$25,000- $116,932

Marsden Services

$12.37- $26.40

$38,987- $89,861

Interstate Premier Facility Services

$12.42- $22.88

$39,000- $67,000


$12.26- $23.00

$40,000- $61,729

Merry Maids

$10.95- $27.39

$22,880- $57,017

ABM Industries Inc.

$11.60- $34.50

$31,893- $117,730


ISS Facility Services

  • Salary range: $10.40- $37.00
  • $29,496- $139,644
  • website to apply:

This is one of the best companies to apply for. People always put in a human touch to make locations that delight and deliver because they care about the people they help. However, every ISS employee in each customer location is a member of our team, driven, well-trained, and outfitted to the highest standards.


  • website to apply:
  • salary range: $11.36- $21.65 per hour 
  • $21,000- $167,413 per year 

Have you ever heard the adage, “You’ll never work a day in your life if you find something you love to do?” At MaidPro, that’s precisely what we think. We want work to be enjoyable because happy employees perform better. Even while they are capable of getting things done quickly, they also think that having fun and taking a break with colleagues makes the workplace a better and more productive place to work.


  • website link:
  • salary range: $10.00- $28.95 per hour
  • $39,950- $74,834per year 

This is one of the best cleaner companies in the USA, and they offer lots of benefits. however, their working hours are short and their salary is okay. 

Molly Maid

salary range: $9.49- $23.80

website to apply:

Molly Maid provides busy people and families with clean, comfortable homes to return to—homes cleaned by their specific preferences and services backed by a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee. By most often operating on a weekly or every-other-week schedule.
However,  a part of Molly Maid’s purchases go toward helping victims of domestic abuse with their service.


Price range: $11.10- $22.36 per hour & $25,000- $116,932 per year 

website link:

Janitronics is a customer-focused, quality-aware, forward-thinking firm that was founded in 1972. It provides cleaning services to office buildings, colleges, schools, healthcare institutions, industrial plants, retail stores, and clean room environments. However, it pays $11.10- $22.36 and $25,000- $116,932 yearly. 

Marsden Services

salary range: $12.37- $26.40 per hour & $38,987- $89,861 per year

website to apply:

Marsden is a facility services company that offers building maintenance, commercial janitorial, and customized services to clients around the US. Furthermore, there is more info to know about this company, just get on the link above and learn more and apply. 

Interstate Premier Facility Services

salary ranges: $12.42- $22.88 per hour & $39,000- $67,000 per year

website to apply:

As a family-owned business since 1988, Interstate is still motivated by our enduring commitment to developing the abilities and professions of our employees. By rewarding outstanding employee performance and often promoting from within, we promote a culture of acknowledgement.


salary range: $12.26- $23.00 per hour &

$40,000- $61,729 per year

website link:

Enviro-Clean is a British infrastructure company that supports the needs of the local and larger communities while offering creative and effective solutions for buildings that support all aspects of our everyday lives. However, they offer high-paying salaries and a comfortable environment. 

Merry Maids

salary range: $10.95- $27.39 per hour &

$22,880- $57,017 per year


The company’s mission is to return time that their clients and team members deserve to spend doing the things they love. However, they have prioritized customer happiness since 1979. Also, they are committed to fostering team members’ success by providing accommodating schedules and a positive work atmosphere that encourages them to perform what they do best.

ABM Industries Inc.

salary range: $11.60- $34.50 per hour &

$31,893- $117,730 per year

website to apply:

One of the biggest suppliers of facility services and solutions worldwide is ABM (NYSE: ABM). ABM is a catalyst for a world that is healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable. However, it offers vital services and innovative performance solutions that enhance the areas and spaces that are most important.

Highest Paying Cities for Cleaner Jobs With Visa Sponsorship 

Check out the salary range below so far:


Annual Salary

Monthly Pay

Weekly Pay

Hourly Wage

Berkeley, CA





North Bergen, NJ





Renton, WA





Santa Monica, CA





Daly City, CA





South Weymouth, MA





Newtonville, MA





Woburn, MA





Mount Vernon, AL






Easy to Stay High Paying Cities for Cleaners Near United States       

Planning to relocate for a cleaner job, you are in the right place. However, you might be wondering the right city to visit, check out the high-paying cities so far:

New York, NY

Salary range: $18.15- $28.66 per hour

per year: $42,380- $66,927

Looking for one of the most beautiful and amazing places to relocate to for cleaner jobs? you are in the right place. New York offers $18.15- $28.66 per hour for the cleaner job and lots of benefits attached. 

Chicago, IL

salary range: $17.89- $23.77 per hour

per year: $17.89- $23.77

Welcome to Chicago, IL, where things are cheap and lots of fun places to visit. however, their salary for cleaners ranges between $17.89- $23.77 per hour with a free visa for your relocation and more benefits like flexibility, retirement pay, leave, etc.

Austin, TX

salary range: $17.16- $30.14 per hour

per year: $40,074- $70,374

this is one of the coolest American cities to relocate to for a cleaner job. you can either choose to work anywhere, from hotels to hospitals, home care, and many more places to choose from. However, check out the company listed above and apply for one. 

Milwaukee, WI

Salary range: $15.77- $23.53 per hour 

$36,823- $54,949 per year 

Milwaukee is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Wisconsin and the county seat of Milwaukee County. However, their salary range for cleaning jobs includes $15.77- $23.53 per hour and $36,823- $54,949 per year. 

Columbus, OH

salary range: $15.29- $22.16 per hour 

$35,704- $51,738 per year 

Welcome to the land of Columbus, OH, where peace and unity dwell and a safe environment. For those choosing this city as their dream place for a job, you did not make the wrong choice. however, their salary for cleaning jobs is $15.29- $22.16 per hour  and $35,704- $51,738 per year 

Philadelphia, PA

salary range?: $15.28- $24.69 per hour

per year: $35,686- $57,642

There are different cleaning jobs in Philadelphia, PA, some of them include office cleaning jobs, hospitals, homes, etc. However, their salary is good and also offers lots of benefits for foreigners who wish to relocate. 

Indianapolis, IN

per hour salary: $15.28- $22.39

per year: $35,668- $52,282

Indianapolis, Indiana, is among the greatest places to live. featuring a low cost of living, great weather, access to higher education, and a strong labour market. However, their salary for cleaning jobs includes $15.28- $22.39 hourly and $35,668- $52,282. 

Las Vegas, NV

per hour salary: $14.33- $26.22

per year: $33,466- $61,226

Known for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife, Las Vegas is a well-known major resort city on a global scale. The majority of its venues are located in downtown Las Vegas, with more being found on the Las Vegas Strip, which is located just outside the city boundaries. However, cleaning jobs are currently available with a free visa and their salary range is between $14.33- $26.22 per hour and $33,466- $61,226. 

Houston, TX

per hour salary: $13.63- $23.88

per year: $31,833- $55,771

Houston is one of the most diverse, enchanting, and distinctive cities in the country; it is home to the Houston Texans, NASA, lush reserve parks, picturesque bayous, and Queen Bey herself. It is also home to the world-famous clutch rockets.

Who is a Cleaner?

A cleaner is a domestic worker or employed person who is responsible for keeping a specified area clean and organized in value exchange (payment). However, there are different types of cleaning tasks for cleaners.

Some of these include house cleaning, trash cleaning, window cleaning and lots more. Furthermore, in a cleaning space, cleaners are given the specified duty to carry out within their work-frame. Hence, when this is done, those cleaners are not expected to take part in any other cleaning assignment, except the one they are asked to.

What are Cleaning Jobs?

A cleaning job is a job where an individual is responsible for keeping a particular organization, home or spaced area clean and organized or better still in good condition. As a cleaner, there are certain duties you are charged to carry out. Some of this includes sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, floors, dusting furniture, and sanitizing places like bathrooms, kitchens and others.

Cleaning Jobs in USA For Housekeepers

Are you a housekeeper and you are looking for a cleaning job in the United States with visa sponsorship to apply for? Well, it is very easy. As a housekeeper, you can work as a cleaner too. Hence, the possibility of being taken would also be very high. Hence, to make this possible, you have to stick to this content as a guide.

Cleaning Job Description

A cleaner is responsible for keeping the home clean and organized. Well, their main duties include, dusting sweeping, mopping, and washing floors, toilets, showers, tubs, driveways, windows and counters.

Furthermore, they are also responsible for vacuuming carpets, upholstery ad, and other dusty surfaces. Hence, if you are interested in getting a cleaning job you should be prepared to carry out the above.

Requirements and Skills of a Cleaner

Are you anticipating becoming a cleaner? Do you want to apply for a cleaning job in the United States but don’t need the requirement for it? Well, if that is the case, you can use the list below to that fit:

  • Proven work experience.
  • Knowledge of public safety and security.
  • A reasonable level of fitness.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Availability to work late at night, at weekends, and on holidays.
  • The ability to work on your own.
  • Punctual, reliable, and trustworthy.
  • The ability to organize your time and workload.

These and many more are needed qualifications and skills you need to qualify for a cleaning job in the United States.

Cleaning Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship
Cleaning Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship

Responsibilities of a Cleaner in the USA

Every company wants to ensure that its staff members fulfil their standard expectations and do all assigned tasks correctly. Therefore, if you’re hoping to work as a cleaner in the US, you should be aware of responsibilities such

  • Complete large cleaning duties and unique projects.
  • Assists other departments as needed to guarantee the best possible service for visitors.
  • Replace the liners, vacuum, and empty the trash.
  • Make careful to clean windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces to eliminate any streaks.
  • Make a cleaning inventory and make sure the paper and soap dispensers are well stocked.
  • Make sure that the recycling and trash containers are kept odour-free and clean by emptying them into the proper west bins.
  • keeps an eye on and maintains cleaning materials and equipment.
  • Keep supply rooms stocked and maintained. Work together with the other employees.
  • Inform management of any flaws that arise or remedies that are necessary.
    carries out extra tasks as required.
  • The obligations and tasks of a cleaning job include all of these and much more.

Benefits of Cleaning Jobs in USA

Here are some benefits that come with having a cleaning job in the United States

  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • 403(b)
  • AD&D insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Employee discount
  • Flexible schedule
  • Flexible spending account
  • Free Parking
  • Gym membership
  • Health insurance
  • Health savings account
  • Life insurance
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Paid sick time
  • Paid time off
  • Paid training
  • Parental leave
  • Pet insurance
  • Professional development assistance
  • Profit sharing
  • Referral program
  • Retirement plan
  • Safety equipment provided
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Vision insurance

These are benefits that come with being a cleaner in the United States with visa sponsorship.

Online Platform to Get Direct Link for Cleaning Job Visa Sponsorship Application

There are a lot of online platforms to visit but few are reliable. 

How to Apply for Cleaning Jobs In USA

Here are simple steps to consider when you want to apply for a cleaning job in the United States:

  • Before you start the process, ensure you are qualified for the job.
  • Then, set up a well-organized CV and application letter that United States employers will love to see.
  • Make use of a standard website which is widely used, mostly by United States residents. This could be Indeed or LinkedIn and others.
  • Use the search bar to type in the job title and location you want to get the job.
  • Click on the application button on the website.

And follow all given instructions as it is given on the website.

Passed Interview Questions for Cleaning Jobs in USA

Below are helpful passed interview questions that can be of good help to you during your interview process:

  • What is your work capacity?
  • Why do you prefer to work in the US and not in your country?
  • What is your working experience as a house cleaner?
  • If there is an emergency what is the first thing to do?
  • What cleaning chemicals are you familiar with?
  • How long have you worked as a house cleaner?
  • Why do you want to work as a house cleaner?

These questions will be of good use to you. However, there is no assurance that such questions will be repeated during your interview or other interviews.

Work Visa for Foreign Cleaners

If you have gotten a job offer letter to work in the United States and you want to apply for a visa but don’t know the particular visa to apply for, you have nothing to worry about because we got you covered. Below are visas that are used by foreign cleaners.

H2B Work Visa

This type of visa is an amazing visa that grants permission for easy access to the United States.  It allows employers in the United States to temporarily hire nonimmigrants to work in nonagricultural labor or service in the US.

However, the Employment must be a temporary one for a limited period. Hence, it is very much open to cleaners who want to travel to the US.

H1 Work Visa

With this visa, foreigners can temporarily work in the United States. It also allows employers to hire or employ highly educated foreign professionals to work in special occupational spaces. Hence, as an applicant, you have to have a standard educational degree before applying for the visa.

USA Job Offer Letter for Cleaners

As a cleaner who has passed his interview and probably has settled his or her work pay rate, you will be sent a job offer letter. Well, for the benefit of those who do not know what it means, here is the meaning: a job offer letter, is proof of employment, that shows you have been given a job. Furthermore, this letter contains your pay rate, duties and benefits that come with the job.

USA Cleaner Pay Rate for Foreign Cleaners

Are cleaners well-paid in the United States? What is a pay rate? Well, here is a clear explanation. The pay rate is the total amount paid to a cleaner which can be monthly, weekly, daily or yearly. However, workers, most of all cleaners are well-paid in the United States.

How Much Does US Visa Sponsorship Cost?

How Much Does It Cost to Sponsor a Visa? Well, a visa sponsorship costs approximately $7000 but may cost $9-10,000 if the organization has more than fifty employees and 50% of those employees are foreign nationals.

Can I Get Sponsored to Work in the USA?

Getting a sponsorship employment visa requires you to have an offer from a US employer. Thus, the US employer must send you a contract to sign (offer letter), which will then be part of the sponsorship documents. For some nonimmigrant visas, the Department of Labor first requires a Labor Certification.

Can I Get a Work Visa Without a Job Offer?

No, you can’t apply for a work visa without a job offer. Your would-be employer must be willing to sponsor you for the visa and petition on your behalf.

What is Proof of Sponsorship?

The Certificate of Sponsorship is an electronic proof with a unique reference number. It is a mandatory pre-requisite for visa applications in the Worker and Temporary Worker categories, for example, Skilled Worker, Senior or Specialist Worker, and Scale Up Worker.

What is a Visa Sponsorship Letter?

A visa sponsorship letter is required by the person who is sponsoring a US B2 visa. This letter is required to undertake legal responsibilities for the visitor, including financial accountability.

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