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Truck driver jobs in USA with Visa sponsorship are very much open to all interested applicants. Well, are you having issues with your educational standards? If yes, you shouldn’t be because this opportunity is open to all anticipating applicants all over the world. The United States employers and companies considered how it would affect their economic state if they became short of staff. Hence, the need to have foreign professionals was not a gainsay.

Truck Drivers Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

If you are a truck driver and you want to earn more from your job, you can simply do that with a visa sponsorship program. However, if you don’t know what this program is all about will be giving a detailed explanation about that as we go on with this content. However, with that side, we would like to bring to your understanding the benefits of getting involved in such an opportunity (truck driver jobs in USA with visa sponsorship).

Getting a truck driver job in the United States through the visa sponsorship program allows you to access a free visa, most times free accommodation as stated in the United States laws and lastly a well-paying job. However, for this to be opposable, you will have to meet up with all the needed qualifications.

Highest Paying Cities for Truck Drivers Near United States

Some cities offer high salaries, so you can check out the cities listed below

CitiesPer hourPer dayPer weekPer monthPer year
Salt Lake City, UT$35.98- $61.56$410-$702$1,980-$3,388$7,663-$13,111$108,237- $185,184
Dallas, TX$33.51-$63.84$382-$728$1,844- $3,514$7,138-$13,597$100,811-$192,037
Chicago, IL$33.43- $65.42$381-$746$1,840-$3,601$7,120-$13,933$100,567-$196,792
Jacksonville, FL$33.31-$68.51$380-$781$1,833-$3,771$7,094-$14,591$100,199-$206,082
Houston, TX$32.77-$64.03$374-$730$1,804-$3,524$6,979- $13,636$98,571-$192,588
Atlanta, GA$32.74- $65.39$373-$746$1,802-$3,599$6,973- $13,926$98,481- $196,685
Indianapolis, IN$32.12- $59.56$366-$679$1,768-$3,278$6,840-$12,685$96,612-$179,160
Nashville, TN$31.38- $58.69$358- $669$1,727- $3,230$6,684-$12,498$94,399-$176,528
Charlotte, NC$30.34- $62.27$346-$710$1,670- $3,427$6,461-$13,263$91,254-$187,319

Best-Paying States for Truck Drivers in the USA

Explore the United States’ top-paying states for truck drivers, where lucrative opportunities align with the demand for skilled professionals in the transportation industry. Below are some of the states to look out for so far:


The average salary for a truck driver as of January 5, 2024, in Nevada is between $111,529 to $242,458 per year.

In particular, Nevada’s advantageous location and robust economy present a plethora of chances for truck drivers. Truck drivers in Nevada may anticipate competitive compensation and a constant flow of job possibilities due to the state’s proximity to important distribution centers and transportation hubs.

North Dakota

The salary average as of January 7 2024, is between $137,530 to $214,855 per year

The state has a strong demand for truck drivers due to its expanding oil industry, especially those who work in oilfield transportation. Because of the excellent salaries, working in this area is a desirable alternative for many.


How much does a Truck driver make in Texas? The average salary for truck drivers in Texas is between $105,096 to $211,411 per year.

With its robust economy and vast transportation infrastructure, Texas is a top destination for truck driver jobs sponsored by visas. In the Lone Star State, there are several chances to launch a lucrative career as a driver, regardless of experience level.


The average salary wage is between $78,315 to $108,270 per year.

For you, Alaska might be a fantastic choice. The state not only pays among the highest wages for truck drivers, but its isolated locations and difficult working circumstances also drive up pay scales. Alaska is a fantastic spot to start your truck driving career because it offers a variety of transportation problems and large distances to travel.


The average is between $118,641 to $229,314 per year

Wyoming is a state that merits attention. Energy is a growing industry, and truck drivers are needed to move these resources, especially coal and natural gas. The industry’s high need for drivers results in opportunities and competitive pay for those wishing to work in it.

New Jersey

As of January 8, 2024, the average salary is between $108,122 to $209,861 per year.

Due to its convenient location near ports and large cities, New Jersey is a mostly desirable place for truck drivers to live and work. Truck driver positions in New Jersey are in high demand due to the state’s solid road system and attractive pay, as well as prospects for advancement.


As of January 7, 2024, the truck driver’s salary in Pennsylvania is between $84,406 to $128,068 per year

Truck drivers in this state can expect to earn competitive pay, especially while transporting commodities for the manufacturing and energy industries. Thanks to its vast highway network and close proximity to important markets, Pennsylvania offers ideal conditions for anybody wishing to pursue a career in truck driving.


The salary range is between $76,283 to $109,932 per year, which was updated on January 7, 2024.

Due to the state’s bustling ports, vast highway network, and robust economy, California is a popular destination for truck driving employment in the USA that requires a VISA sponsorship. Despite the difficult driving conditions, truck drivers in California may anticipate a competitive wage.


Salary was updated on January 5, 2024, and the average is between $118,872 to  $261,820 per year

The state provides drivers with several alluring prospects because of its bustling ports and booming travel sector. Its robust economy and expanding logistical networks also mean that you could expect competitive pay and lots of potential for their career goals.

You can check the state above to apply for this field job in the USA. However, the states above are fun to stay in and have lots of job opportunities aside from truck driving jobs.

USA Visa-Sponsored Truck Driver Salary Expectations by Experience

As I have stated before, some salaries are based on years of experience, and they are listed below:

Years of experiencePer year
Less than 1 year


1 to 2 years
3 to 5 years
6 to 9 years


More than 10 years


Entry-Level (0-5 Years of Experience) Salary Expectations

An entry-level truck driver with no experience seeking work in the USA under a sponsored visa might anticipate an average annual pay between  $45,000 and $1,769.

Mid-Level (5-9 Years of Experience) Salary Expectations

In the USA, truck driving may be a very profitable vocation, particularly for individuals looking to sponsor their visas. A truck driver’s pay might increase with experience. A person with five to ten years of experience should expect to make between  $60,000 and $126,918.

Senior-Level (Over 10 Years of Experience) Salary Expectations

In the US, truck driving may be a very profitable profession, particularly for individuals with valid visa sponsorship. Senior-level truck drivers with ten or more years of experience can make between $80,000 and $134,224 annually. Experienced drivers with a track record of success can earn greater earnings.

Factors Affecting Truck Drivers Jobs in USA Salaries

Several factors influence truck driver salaries, and these can vary based on individual circumstances, industry trends, and economic conditions. Here are some key factors that can impact truck driver salaries:


Entry-level vs. Experienced Drivers: In general, experienced truck drivers tend to earn higher salaries than those who are just starting their careers. As drivers accumulate more miles and years of service, they often become eligible for better-paying opportunities.

Type of Trucking

Long-Haul vs. Short-Haul: Long-haul trucking, which involves covering longer distances, can sometimes pay more than short-haul or regional driving. However, long-haul drivers may spend more time away from home.

Specialized Freight: Drivers transporting specialized or hazardous materials may receive higher pay due to the additional skills and certifications required.

Industry and Company

Private Carriers vs. Trucking Companies: Drivers working for private carriers or specific industries may earn different salaries compared to those working for general trucking companies. Industries like oil and gas, retail, or manufacturing may have different compensation structures.

Geographic Location

Cost of Living: Salaries for truck drivers can vary significantly based on the cost of living in different regions. Urban areas and regions with a high cost of living may offer higher wages to compensate for the increased living expenses.

Demand and Supply

Driver Shortages: If there is a high demand for truck drivers and a shortage of qualified individuals, companies may offer higher salaries and better benefits to attract and retain drivers.

Regulations and Compliance

Industry Regulations: Changes in regulations, such as hours-of-service rules or safety requirements, can impact the work hours and earning potential of truck drivers.

Licensing and Certification: Specialized certifications or endorsements (e.g., Hazmat) may lead to higher salaries.

Equipment and Technology

Newer Equipment: Companies with modern and well-maintained trucks may attract drivers with higher pay rates.

Technology Adoption: Companies that invest in technology to streamline operations and improve driver efficiency may offer better compensation.

Benefits and Perks

Health Insurance, Retirement Plans, and Bonuses: The overall compensation package, including benefits and bonuses, can significantly impact a truck driver’s total income and job satisfaction.

Economic Conditions

Overall Economic Health: Economic factors, such as fuel prices, inflation, and the general economic climate, can influence the salaries and job opportunities for truck drivers.

What is Visa Sponsorship

A visa sponsorship program allows a resident of the United States to fund the immigration of an individual or group of people from another country of their home country to the United States.

This simply means all that there is to their immigration will be financed by the resident party.  However, for this to be possible, the resident party who is responsible for the sponsorship will have to make a starting petition to the USICS to process the action and grant permission.

Who is a Truck Driver?

A truck driver is someone who earns a living driving from driving trucks and transporting goods and materials over land. Well, they typically go to and from retail and distribution centres or manufacturing plants, working any hours of the day or night. They provide an essential service to industrialized societies and more.  However, they are well known as professionals in carrying out their duties.

USA Truck Driver Job Description

Truck drivers are responsible for picking up goods and materials, verifying loads for accuracy and delivering them as instructed. Load and unload cargo. Furthermore, they are responsible for basic vehicle maintenance and comply with all safe work practices, policies and processes at all times. Complete and verify paperwork for accuracy. Hence, you must take note of all that has been written as it gives awareness of all responsibilities you are expected to carry out.

Qualification of an International Truck Drivers Jobs in USA

Are you aspiring to become a truck driver or you are one already and want to work outside your country?  Well, if the United States is your chosen country, the qualifications below will concern you.

  • The trucking company in the US demands that in other to become a commercial truck driver in the United States, you will have to be over 21 years old and above. However, if you are a resident of the United States and you are 18 years old, you will be considered and employed.
  • Truck drivers need extensive knowledge of the operating areas.
  • You will need to attend a truck driving school and pass a test to earn a commercial driver’s license (CDL).
  • Clean driving record.
  • proficiency using GPSA devices.
  • You must be able to pass random drug tests.
  • Good verbal communication skills.
  • Physical strength and ability to lift up to 70 pounds.
  • Time management skills.

These and many more are requirements needed to become a truck driver in the United States.

10 Types of Truck Driver Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

Below are 10 types of truck driver jobs in the USA that may offer visa sponsorship. Visa sponsorship availability can vary depending on the employer and the demand for drivers in certain sectors:

Long-Haul Truck Driver

Average salary $60,000 per year

Long-haul drivers transport goods across state lines, covering extensive distances. Many trucking companies may offer visa sponsorship for experienced long-haul drivers.

Regional Truck Driver

Average salary $69,980/ Annual

Regional truck drivers operate within specific geographic areas, making shorter trips compared to long-haul drivers. Some regional trucking companies may provide visa sponsorship.

Flatbed Truck Driver

The average salary in 2024 is $100,000 per year

Flatbed drivers transport loads on flat trailers and are often responsible for securing and tarping the cargo. Some companies hiring flatbed drivers may offer visa sponsorship.

Tanker Truck Driver

Salary range is $80,000 per year

Tanker drivers transport liquids, such as chemicals, petroleum, or food-grade products. Companies in the tanker trucking industry may sponsor visas for qualified drivers.

Refrigerated (Reefer) Truck Driver

Salary annual is $107,817 a year

Reefer drivers transport temperature-sensitive cargo, such as perishable goods. Some companies specializing in refrigerated transportation may provide visa sponsorship.

Hazmat (Hazardous Materials) Truck Driver

The salary average is $83,500 per year

Drivers hauling hazardous materials require special certifications. Companies dealing with hazardous materials may offer visa sponsorship for qualified drivers.

Intermodal Truck Driver Truck Drivers Jobs in USA 

Average $81,000 per year

Intermodal drivers transport freight using a combination of trucks and other transportation modes, such as trains or ships. Some intermodal companies may sponsor visas for drivers.

Local Delivery Driver

Top earning average salary $195,000 per year

Local delivery drivers typically operate within a specific city or metropolitan area, making multiple stops each day. Some local delivery companies may offer visa sponsorship.

Specialized Equipment Operator

$21,500 to $129,500 per year

Drivers operating specialized equipment like oversized or heavy-haul trucks may find opportunities with companies that require specific skills. Visa sponsorship may be available in such cases.

Auto Transporter Truck Drivers Jobs in USA 

Per year salary $62,500 

Auto transporters haul cars and other vehicles. Companies specializing in auto transportation may provide visa sponsorship for qualified drivers.

Salaries of Truck Driver in USA

How much does a Truck Driver make in the United States? The salary is based on the location, years of experience, and company. However, the average salary for truck drivers is $33.76- $62.98 per hour while the yearly range is between $101,552-$189,437.

The Most Common Pay Model For Truck Drivers In The United States

Every business has a unique compensation scheme. Different models and remuneration have benefits, so you should be well-informed in any case.

Pay PeriodSalary
Per mile$0.49
Per week$1,183
Per month$4,731
Per year$47,306

How to Apply for Truck Drivers Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Here are helpful steps to consider when you want to apply for a truck driver job in the United States:

  • First, you will need an active device that has a good internet connection.
  • Make use of any social platform or network that is well-recognized by advanced or developed countries like the United States. Some of which include, Indeed and many more.
  • Use the search bar to look for available trucking jobs in the United States.
  • When you find any, you will have to go through the job description requirements.
  • With that, you will then create a CV that fits the job requirement standard. Furthermore, you will have to set up a well-organized application letter that United States employers will love to see. Then upload them on the company’s employee portal, then wait for a response.
  • If the company finds you qualified for the job, you will be called for an online interview and your pay rate will be negotiated by your employer.
  • Your employer on the other hand will have to make a petition for your sponsorship to the United States Immigration Citizenship Services for approval.
  • When approved, you will be sent a job offer letter and instructions to apply for a visa.

Follow the above step carefully and you be done with the process before you know it.

H-2B Visa for Truck Drivers in USA

Well, have you gotten a job offer letter but still don’t know the type of visa to apply for? Well, that should not be a problem, as the right visa to apply for is an “H-2B visa”. If you are a foreign worker hoping to work as a truck driver in the US, you may be served best by applying for an H-2B visa. Hence, according to research, this is the best option for truck drivers.

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IDP for Truck Drivers in USA

IDP which is fully known as an “international driving permit” is a form of identification that is well-recognized all over the world. Hence, it is capable of translating your identification into ten languages and allows you to drive legally in a different country.

Thus, before you apply for a driving job in the United States, you should ensure you have gotten an IDP in your home country. In addition, the applicant should do so in advance before he or she travels. However, you should note that the United States does not issue IDPs to foreign visitors.

Truck Driver Job Offer Letter for Foreign Applicant

A truck driver job offer letter is an official offer of employment. It is an invitation letter for someone to work in a company. Hence, when the applicant passes an interview and the pay rate is concluded, he or she will be sent an offer letter. This letter contains the prospective employee’s title, salary and available benefits which the employee will be accessible to when he or she takes the job.

Truck Driver Job Pay Rate in USA with Visa Sponsorship

A pay rate in the US is simply the total amount an employer and also anticipating employee agree on. Thus, it is simply the amount an employer can pay for services rendered by an employed truck driver. In addition, you should know that is amount can be negotiable.

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Top Trucking Companies in Truck Drivers Jobs in USA

Below is the list of top trucking companies in the United States that would be willing to offer employment to the applicant:

  • YRC Worldwide.
  • B Hunt Transport Services.
  • FedEx Corp.
  • TFI International.
  • Red Classic.
  • Hub Group.
  • Xpress Enterprise.
  • Sala Inc.
  • Eagle Express Lines.
  • SIRVA Inc.
  • XPO Logistics
  • Forward Air.
  • Crete Carrier Corp.
  • Lynden Inc.
  • Day & Ross.
  • PS Logistics.
  • United Road Service.
  • Western Express.
  • USA Truck.
  • M. Transport.
  • Quality Distribution.
  • Trimac Transportation.
  • Black Horse Carriers.
  • TMC Transportation.
  • IMC Cos.

Skills of a Truck Drivers Jobs in USA

Here are some of the skills of a truck driver:

  • Listening and verbal communication skills.
  • Truck drivers are expected to be accountable.
  • Traffic law, DOT regulations, and driving knowledge.
  • Alertness and awareness.
  • Customer service.
  • Time management skills.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Reliable
  • Stress management skills.
  • They should have good dependability.

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Benefits of Truck Driving Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Having a job in the United States as a truck driver comes with lots of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Personal accommodation.
  • Health insurance.
  • You will be ensured job security.
  • Travel.
  • Vacation.
  • Flexibility and freedom at your workplace.
  • Freedom of association and movement.
  • No degree is needed.
  • Finance insurance.


How can a Driver Get a US Work Visa?

As a foreign worker who is anticipating working as a truck driver in the United States, you may be served best by applying for an H2B visa. According to, this is the best visa option for drivers.

Can a Driver Get Sponsorship?

The simple answer to the above question is yes. The application must not at any time require sponsorship for an employment visa. This is because the company that took the responsibility of hiring him or her would fund the immigration process. Hence, taking care of all there is to the immigration of the person.

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Do I Need a Green Card to be a Truck Driver?

Generally, US Trucking Companies have the choice to bring commercial truck drivers temporarily to fill short-term needs by sponsoring them on nonimmigrant visas or a permanent basis and sponsoring the drivers for a permanent residency (green card).

Does the USA Hire Foreign Truck Drivers?

A severe shortage of truck drivers in the US has led to more companies bringing in drivers from abroad. Thus, taking advantage of this opportunity is a wise decision.

Do you have to be a US Citizen to be a Truck Driver?

Both federal law and state laws provided for issuing CDLs to non-citizens. Hence, If you are not a US citizen, you may obtain a commercial driver’s license if you are a legal permanent resident. However,  If you are not a US citizen or legal permanent resident, you may obtain a CDL under Certain Conditions.



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