Dating on Facebook Free Mode – Facebook Dating App Download Free – Dating is Free on Facebook

Is there dating on Facebook free mode? Dating on Facebook is free, however, is there actually a free node on the dating app? Of course, to find out the answer you need to read on. The dating service that was introduced into the social media giant is simple and free for all to use.

Dating on Facebook Free Mode

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It is a way for the singles on the platform that are 18 years and older to meet those that are equally single and ready to mingle. To learn more about dating on Facebook free mode, pay attention and then read on.

Dating on Facebook Free Mode

Dating on Facebook is a free feature that is open to users who are ready to mingle. All you have to do is to create a dating profile that is easy and free to do, but only accessible using the Facebook mobile app. 

That is to say, all those that are using web browsers to access their FB account won’t be able to use the dating feature because it is only available for smartphone users. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive in and look at how you can set up your dating profile and use it.

Dating on Facebook Free App

Dating on Facebook is free and easy to use, but of course not without setting up a dating profile. Your dating profile is your access to the app and for you to meet people. It is free and once the profile is created, you will be matched with people according to your preferences and likes that you highlighted while creating the process. Now, let’s get the profile created.

Facebook Dating Profile Set Up

As I mentioned before, the steps or process of creating a dating profile are simple and free to do. Follow the instructions below;

  • Open your account and then tap on the horizontal lines which is the menu button. 
  • Now, locate and tap on “Dating” then opt into the service and start.
  • Once the dating app is loaded, tap on “get started” and enter the details required including height, education, degrees, job title, religion, age, and others that will be shown.
  • Facebook will make some suggestions to be added to the dating profile using the account details that you already have on the platform.

Now, using the steps above, you can create your dating profile and start using it for free and meet singles that are ready to mingle.


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