Easter Sunday 2022 – Type of Gift that Can be Given on Easter Day

Easter Sunday 2022 is a long awaiting moment for many. As it has been an endless wait it is astonishing to know how preparation has been laid aside for that special day.

Easter Sunday 2022
Easter Sunday 2022

Many families and friends can’t wait to share that special day with their loved ones. Thus, Easter day among other celebrations is a day that strengthens the bond between families and friends.

Easter Sunday 2022

Easter day shows the significant importance of giving. This is so, due to the fact that Christ, who is the reason for easter gave his life for mankind, and with that, through easter wants to show love to others by following the example of Christ through giving.

According to the Christian doctrine, it is biblical for all to participate in the Easter celebration for the purpose of reuniting individuals to the body of Christ. Easter day is a movable event. This means that it does not stick to one date every year.

Easter Sunday 2022 which is a date that everyone has been waiting for, will be held on “April 17 2022”. Thus, according to Christian tradition, the celebration goes alongside some holy day observation. And on this article, we will be telling you some about this holy day and what it stands for.

Holy Days Before Easter

Unlike all other celebrations, the easter days are an event that comes after some holy days as been observed. These days are done with some practices such as observing fasting and burning dry palm leaves to make ash. Etc. Below are some of these holidays observed.

  • Ash Wednesday. on this day, Christians are anointed with ash and its celebrated “46 days before Easter”.
  • Palm Sunday Is a day Christians carry palm leaves. Thus, using it to praise the name of God. This day is observed, “one week before the Easter day”.
  • Maundy Thursday is a day that brings a significant connection between Christians, bringing them to the knowledge of the importance of the death of Christ. This day is observed “three days” before easter”.
  • Good Friday is a day that shows the importance of the resurrection of Christ. However, it shows its victory over death. This day is observed “two days” before easter.
  • Lent is a season when most Christians observe fast. Thus, the catholic who has been the oldest long observer of this act takes it more seriously as it suggests the purification of the body and spirit. This day is observed before good Friday and Ash Wednesday. the participant is between the age of 14 and above.

The above is some of the holy days that are observed before Easter day. Nevertheless, as special as that day can be, there are even that come after day which keep the bound of Christ’s love going.

Holidays Observed After Easter

The following are days that are observed after easter days. Thus, these days remind Christians to stay strong in faith and in love.

  • Pentecost day is a Jewish holiday held 50 days after password and Easter.
  • Ascension Day is celebrated 36 days after easter.
  • White Monday 50 days after easter.
  • Trinity Sunday is celebrated 56 days after easter.

Having known this, we will be showing you some type of gift to give out on easter day.

Type of Gift that Can be Given on Easter Day

The following are some types of gifts that can be given to your loved ones during easter.

  • Pressed flower and dried fruit coasters.
  • Flower candle.
  • Bee linen napkins.
  • Poppy Glasses.
  • Pastel bunny soaps.
  • Rose gold bunny ring holder.
  • Rabbit print silk tie.

In conclusion, we love to wish you and happy easter spent well.

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