Easter 2022 – Orthodox Easter 2022 – Easter Messages and Quotes

Easter 2022 is a long-awaited day. A springtime which we all welcome with open arms. Easter is a season that comes with well warmer weather, fresh flowers. Unlike Christmas, which falls on the same date each year, the easter celebrations leading up to it change the date every year depending on the vernal intersection of the ecliptic. Due to the changes in the apparent path of the sun, the date of Easter changes.

Easter 2022
Easter 2022

Easter 2022

The easter 2022, has been determined due to maximum studies that have been taken on the vernal equinox. This study shows that on April 16th the first April full moon will appear then April 17 will be Eater Sunday.

However, the orthodox have a different date for Easter. According to the Christian tradition, the Easter celebration begins with the observation of the holy week. These are Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, etc.

Orthodox Easter 2022

Orthodox easter which is also called Pascha and the resurrection Sunday is the oldest most important event ever celebrated. It denotes the celebration of the crucifixion and restoration of Christ on the orthodox good Friday.

However, the orthodox church uses the Julian calendar to determine its holy days. According to the orthodox calculations is shown that the orthodox easter will be held on the 24th of April. As such all holy rights will be observed.

The orthodox Easter celebration begins with a strong spiritual observation of a ‘’Great lent of 40 days self-examination and fasting. This starts before the Easter celebration. This fasting is designed to strengthen the inner life of the worshipper by weakening the attraction of the flesh. it draws him or her closer to God in oneness.

Moreso in many orthodox churches the Lenten fast is observed with given instruction of not eating meat or any animal product. but it allows its member to feed on fish only on a certain day.

Having known all about easter it’s best we how to calculate it. As to know when next it will be celebrated.

How is Easter Day Determined?

Easter is the most important movable event in the Christian religion. However, it is important to know how to determine the date of occurrence each year.

For you to know when will be easter you should be able to calculate the full moon. Based on mathematical calculation, each time the full moon appears on a particular day, easter will be celebrated the following week of that same day. For example, if the full moon appears on Sunday the following Sunday will be easter.

Some will ask what are the holidays related to Easter. well, there are severe holidays that are related to the Easter celebration.

Holidays that are Related to the Easter Celebration

The following are some celebrations that are related to easter. These days are strongly observed by Christian’s nation wild.

  • Ash Wednesday. this day is celebrated ‘’46 days before Easter’’ is observed.
  • Palm Sunday is done ‘’1 week before Easter is celebrated ‘’.
  • The Maundy Thursday occurs 3 days before Easter.
  • Good Friday 2 days before Easter.
  • Easter Saturday 1 day before Easter.
  • Easter Monday 1 day after Easter.
  • Ascension Day 39 days after Easter.
  • Whit Sunday / Pentecost 49 days after Easter.
  • Whit Monday 50 days after Easter.
  • Trinity Sunday 56 days after Easter.
  • Corpus Christi 60 days after Easter.

It’s best you have known much about easter. It is best to know some messages wishes or quotes you can send to reach out to families and friends.

Easter Messages and Quotes

There is a need to reach out to people while celebrating easter because it’s a season of love. The following are some messages and quotes to make someone feel loved on easter day.

  • It is best you know that the great gift of Easter is ‘’HOPE’’.
  • Love makes all things easy as faith makes all things possible.
  • It is my prayer that the sun shines bright on you on this beautiful Easter day.
  • Happy Easter to my favorite peeps.
  • How sweet to know that easter spells out the beauty of love the rare beauty of the new life.
  • Happy Easter to you it is my prayer that the miracles of the resurrection of Christ fill our hearts with love, hope, and joy amen.
  • Wishing you an egg-sectionally wonderful Easter.
  • Count your blessings on this beautiful Easter holiday.
  • May the sun shine bright on you on this beautiful Easter day.

Some will ask what are some gifts I can give to a friend.

Some Gift Ideas for Easter

like we said before celebrating easter alone will not be fun. some you can make is lively and fun by giving out gifts to friends and loved ones.

So here are some gifts that you can give out on that day

  • Extra-large outdoor picnic blanket.
  • Rose.
  • Rapid egg cooker.
  • Indoor herb garden kit.
  • Carrot cake vegan candle.
  • Picnic backpack.
  • Tie-dye crop top sweatshirt.
  • Grow n ‘glow terrarium.
  • Mochi squishy toys.
  • Easter pop fidget toys
  • Sensory fidget tubes.
  • Flower candle.
  • Bee linen napkins.
  • Poppy glasses.
  • Rabbit print silk tie.


We will want you to know that the best way to spend your Easter after going to church on that day, is to show love to one another even as Christ has shown us, love.

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