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If you’ve ever thought of running Facebook ads but never thought of the Facebook ads targeting, then you are probably heading for doom. Facebook as targeting helps you target a group of people who might be interested in your business or what you are offering. For instance, if you have a restaurant in California, you might want to target people in California when running ads about your restaurant. Unless your business is an international one, I suggest you target people in your region when running Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Targeting

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Facebook Core Audience

Facebook’s core audience helps you select a certain group of people that you want to ads to be visible to in just a few clicks. These all depend if you want your ads to be visible to people based on their location, age, interest or even hobbies. This is exactly what Facebook wants for you, to reach the right audience.

Facebook Ads Targeting Options

When you are about to run Facebook ads, you can create a new audience or use an existing one. By default, Facebook gives you a targeting location in your region. This means that only people in your region would see the ad. You can change the ads targeting using a few options. These options are;

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The location would affect the country, region, or state you want to run the ads in. this is used when targeting international audiences. This is also one of the most efficient targeting options when if you are a blogger. The location can be selected by congressional district, ZIP code, postcode, country, state, province, and city.


This factor would be much needed if you are an affiliate marketer. For instance, if you sell baby products, you should target young mothers age. If you combine both this factor and the location, you would be targeting the age range of people in that location. Isn’t it marvelous?


If you are an affiliate marketer and you sell men’s wear, then the gender factor should be applicable to you. You can’t sell men’s wear to women. Of course, it’s obvious that they would not be interested in what you are offering them.


If you decide to use this factor, the ads would be visible to those who have a connection to your page. For instance, it would be visible to those who see your page posts, like your page posts and comment on your page posts.

There are also other targeting options like custom audiences and detailed targeting.

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