Facebook Gameroom not Working – Facebook Gameroom Won’t Start

Have you seen any message on your device saying “Facebook Gameroom not working”?  This often happens on PC. After noticing these issues, I thought I should bring out some troubleshooting steps I tried and worked for me. From statistics, I understood that Facebook Gameroom not working is a general problem people all over the world face. Here, I have some troubleshooting techniques you can try if you are encountering the Facebook Gameroom not working. The techniques are;

Facebook Gameroom not Working

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Facebook Gameroom not Working

To begin, Facebook Gameroom is an app that stores all your facebook game data. It was formerly known as Facebook Games Arcade. This is an independent app that allows you to play facebook games without having to access the facebook website. Players who have an account can play the games they already have and also browse through a menu of other games. Here are some reasons why facebook Gameroom might not work.

Check Your Internet Connection

You may encounter the Facebook Gameroom not working on your PC if your data connection is not secure. If you also run out of data, you may also encounter this problem. To troubleshoot this problem, make sure your PC is connected to a 3G or 4G router or modern. Also, try to make sure that the router is close to your device if your PC is set on a metered connection.

Use the Latest Version of Facebook Gameroom

To make sure you are using the latest version of Facebook messenger, you would have to uninstall your current version. After uninstalling,

  • Go to the Facebook Gameroom Website.
  • When the site loads, click “Download Gameroom”.
  • On the pop up click on “Install”.
  • Follow the procedures that follow and the Facebook Gameroom app would be downloaded on your device.

Run the downloaded file on your device as an administrator and wait for the installation process to be complete. That’s how to ensure you are using the latest version of Facebook Gameroom.

Use Windows Version Troubleshooting

This is one of the many great techniques as it would make the game think you are using another version of windows. The window options that you can choose from include windows vista, windows 7, Windows XP, and some other relevant or significant window versions. To troubleshoot the Facebook Gameroom app on your device,

  • Find the Gameroom app icon on your device and right-click it.
  • A new menu would now be open to you. From that menu, select “Properties”.
  • Click “Compatibilities”.
  • Check the box that says “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”
  • Select any of the available versions and hit “OK”.

Now run the program and the problem should be solved.

Sign In to Facebook Gameroom

After the troubleshooting process is successful, you would need to log in. The default account on the app would be the account you used to download the app. It would ask you to lo in using that account, but you can always use another account if it is not your account. To sign in, enter your Facebook account login credentials on the log in page.

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