Facebook Dark Mode – Facebook Dark Mode Settings | Facebook Dark Mode for Android

If you make use of Facebook then you must have gotten to known Facebook dark mode. For those who haven’t gotten to know about it, you shouldn’t worry. Facebook launched out these features and it’s was been made available to a few lucky users that have tried it out. The Facebook dark mode is a new look for the social platform that is been made to take over the brightness of the white interface with a black background on your mobile and desktop device. What this means that it gives your desktop and mobile device a more stylish look on your News Feed and messenger chat.

Facebook Dark Mode

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Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook launched out these features for the benefits of those who have issues with bright lights and as such, they can switch to Facebook dark mode. The dark mode increases the black background to stand out more for them. Also, it helps in giving an upgrade to your mobile battery on the OLED displays on your devices.  There are more benefits of this Facebook dark mode and this why Facebook decided to launched it out for users to make use of. On this article, we are going to be looking out Facebook dark mode on Android, and desktop

 Enable Facebook Dark Mode

If you are familiar with the dark mode or night mode on YouTube and other social media platforms, then you are already used to it by now. Dark mode for users can be made easy by giving the app a Glamour looks to the users’ interface. Facebook dark made is what is trending on Facebook at the3 moment and as such it makes theme quite amazing to adopt.  For those who already have an idea of how to functions and the benefit of it, would have to agree with me, that it does add more beauty to it. So if you are eager to know how you can enable it then continue reading this article.

Facebook Dark Mode Android

The process of enabling it is very simple and easy. Firstly, all you need to do is to download the latest version of the Facebook app on your android mobile device and follow these steps below.

  • After you must have downloaded the app on your android smartphone.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Then go to setting menu and scroll down to locate the Dark Mode menu.
  • Tap on the toggle to turn it on.
  • It will immediately change the background from white to Black Background instantly.

NOTE: that if you want to turn it off, the same steps and then tap on the toggle to turn off the dark mode theme.

Facebook Dark Mode Desktop

Facebook Dark mode can be enabled on the desktop device as n well. Follow our steps-by- steps to guide you through on the Facebook web.

  • On your desktop device visit your web browser and open www.facebook.com
  • Click on the down arrow at the right-hand side of the top right corner.
  • On the drop-down click on the option Switch to New Facebook.
  • On the pop up that displays on your screen click on Next for the New Facebook.
  • Then select the Dark option and do click Get started button.
  • If you have already switched to the New Facebook, then click on the Down Arrow and enable the Dark mode toggle.

If you want to go back to the old Facebook, that is if you don’t like the dark mode then after the first two steps above. Instead of the switch to New Facebook, you will see their switch to Classic Facebook and Facebook will reload automatically on its own.


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