Cheapest Online Cloud Storage – 11 Best Online Cloud Storage Platform in 2020

There are lots of things you need to put into consideration before looking out for the cheapest cloud storage.  You should also have to do some research on the features and the criteria when you want to get cheap online cloud storage. Aside from the cost, there are some you should look into are the ease of use. These are a thing to look out for the file sharing& file syncing capability, privacy & security, online support as well as the advanced features a cloud storage platform might also actually have things. Sometimes, it might confuse you with these mentions when trying to look or get an affordable online cloud storage platform.

Cheapest Online Cloud Storage

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Cheapest Online Cloud Storage

You have to do a lot of research before you should think of getting the cheapest online cloud storage. Their numerous companies out there are willing to offer you the cheapest cloud storage. If you have run out of free storage on your device and you needed an additional one urgently. However, cloud storage is a big deal these days and there are more people that are ever willing to using it.  Getting cheap cloud storage is good but you have to look and do some research on it to avoid complications later on. Let’s take a look at a few of the cheapest cloud storage.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the cheapest online storage and it doesn’t get more cost-effective than being free.  If you are unable to pay for it, then it can on its own provide you, the most storage at the no charges at an affordable price of 15GB.  The storage can also be shared across your Google account. You might have noticed that, if you are making use of a Gmail or Google Photos, you may find your storage disappear faster than you would like.


The iCloud has the lowest price you can ever pay excluding the fact that is free for you to pay any amount. Its only major cloud storage provider to offers a 50GB plan and that, not enough space. The lowest price you can get a dollar per month is what you can get it for. It is enough for you to back up iPhone or give you some room in order for you to send your files into. It is also suitable for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.


Dropbox starts you out with a free account, but you only get 2GB of space. Like Google Drive, you can use document and spreadsheet programs within your storage space.  It has its own programs or you can sync with Google or Microsoft’s apps, like the Docs or the word, with the Dropbox too. More storage space starts at $1-0 per month for total, which can be up to 2TB of space. Individuals can also purchase a 3TB account. The Business account range between 3TB and unlimited storage space.


The Mega is based in New Zealand and is the emphasis is mainly on the privacy of your data. It offers 50GB for free cloud storage and you can also upgrade to a Pro account by just picking between the three various packages. The PRO 1 package costs 99.99 Euro/year for 500GB, the PRO 2 package costs 199.99 Euro/year for 2TB and the PRO 3 package is the cheapest per GB basis at 299.99 Euro/ year for 4TB.

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7 More Online Cloud Storage in 2020

However, there is another cheapest online cloud storage that is affordable ads well.  Given below are the lists:

Here are the lists of others. In conclusion, I urge you to choose wisely when going for cheap online cloud storage. Make sure you do deep research but purchase it.


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