Facebook Deleted – Facebook Deleted My Account | Facebook Deleted Messages

Getting your Facebook Deleted is permanently removing your account  from the  giant social media platform of the world. It is a state of  deleting your created profile account on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Deleted - Facebook Deleted My Account | Facebook Deleted Messages

There are usually so many reasons why different individuals and  even business firms and companies may want to  delete their FB account  from the platform.  Whatever the reason may be, it’s good you know  what will become of any account deleted for the FB platform.


Maybe do not actually  understand or rather  know the processes involved in deleting a Facebook account. You can  get all that form this article because that is one of the areas this article will deliberate on.

Facebook Deleted

Facebook account Delete is a phrase that can be used to describe the removal of an account permanently form the social media platform of Facebook. When an account is deleted from the FB platform a lot of things happen which you may not know at the point of deletion.

Therefore it is good you have full knowledge of the facts about  deleted FB accounts before completing  the deletion process of your account. Do you know that Facebook can delete any account that  they consider fake and harboring hate speech  etc.?

With over 2 billions FB users active monthly, Facebook deletes account all the time including fake  accounts nd account connected to hate speech, terrorism or wrong information.  The single truth about FB social media and every other  social media platform is that it is human beings who are at the helm of office directing and monitoring  the activities of the social media platform.

Facebook Delete Messages

Are you having  difficulty trying to delete messages from your Facebook account? Did you type a wrong message and you want to delete  that particular message from the chat? Then you are going to find the article very interesting.

All  you have to do is that any time you  wish to delete a  particular message from your chat or post just open this page and you will find all you are looking  for. You must log in to your account before  you will  think of deleting any message.

Once you are logged in, locate the particular message you want to delete by the message you will see three dots in the form of bullets with an arrow pointing at the message. Click on  those  bullet dots and select delete.  Click on delete to remove the message from your chat.

Facebook Deleted My Account

You can personally delete your Facebook account on the FB platform if you choose to. But before that let outline what will happen to Facebook Deleted accounts on the FB social media platform.

  • Any account deleted can not be reactivated.
  • Your profile, posts, photos, videos and everything pertaining to your account will be permanently deleted.
  • You cannot use Facebook messenger.
  • Logging in to other apps through your Facebook account will no longer be possible. You will need to contact the apps and website to recover any account linked.
  • Information like messages you have previously sent will still be visible.
  • Any account on other social media accounts that you use FB to log in, will automatically be deleted when you delete your FB account.

So if you just need a break from the Facebook social media platform, it is advisable to temporarily deactivate your account.  This is to allow you to reactivate it anytime you need.

How To Delete Facebook Account

From the above points listed, you can see how your account will look like so it is good that you login and  download some copy of information like your photos and post. You can also get all other social media information that you use your FB account to log in.

To delete your account follow the steps  below;

  • Click on the triangle upside-side down at the top right side.
  • Select setting and privacy > settings.
  • Click your Facebook information in the left column.
  • Tab on deactivation and deletion.
  • Choose permanently delete account then tab continue to account deletion.
  • Tab on delete account and enter your password and click continue.

There is an alternative for you if you want to cancel the deletion process. If you have initiated the deletion process less than 30 days you  have the chance to cancel the process. But after 30 days you have permanently deleted your account alongside your information.


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