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The Facebook gaming is among the world’s biggest games. With Facebook gaming, Facebook users can now play games without stress, join a lot of groups and many much more. With Facebook Gaming, you will never get bored because the fun involved in it is countless. Facebook has 376 million users that play games each month through Facebook gaming.

Facebook for Gaming

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Facebook for Gaming

Recently, Facebook brought out an app for your mobile devices that allows users to watch and play varieties of games without stress and it is available in Thailand. The Facebook gaming app is now available for android devices who would love to play the game on their mobile devices.

How to Add Some Apps and Games From The App Center

To get an app and games from your app center is very easy. and I think that you are supposed to know that by now. Do not be worried because I will guide you on how to do that. Below are some steps in adding games and apps from your app center.

To add apps and games:

  • You will find explore on the left side menu of your homepage. Below it, click on see more.
  • Then, click games.
  • Enter the apps store.
  • To search for games or apps, use the search tool and search for the particular games or apps that you want.
  • Once you have located the app or game that you want, click on the “play now” to start enjoying

With the app center, you can get different varieties of games that you wish to play and also interesting apps for everyone.

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How to Become a Facebook Gamer

You might have been considering becoming a Facebook gamer but, you think it’s not going to be easy. Let me assure you that to become a Facebook s not hard, you can become a Facebook gamer in not less than one minute. if only if you can pay attention I will teach how to become a Facebook gamer.

To become a Facebook gamer:

  • Visit FB/streamer and then select create a lifestream.
  • Under the post button, chose where you want your gaming video creator page live stream to appear in.
  • Paste your sever URL after you have copied it or stream key into the settings of your streaming software.
  • If you are confused go to https://web.facebook.com/fbgaminghome/creators?_rdc=1&_rdr and follow the instructions that will be given to you carefully.

I am sure these few steps are enough to guide you on how to become a Facebook gamer. Make you follow the instructions given to you correctly, so you do not get confused.

Facebook Gaming Dashboard

Facebook game streamers have two different locations where they go live and manage their streams. The gaming dashboard can be used in the creator studio by managed partners. Among the two, streamer dashboard and live board within creator studio Game streamers can;

  • View the digits and value of Stars received, as well as a leaderboard especially, your top senders.
  • Moderate viewers.
  • Schedule streaming events.
  • View clips and access your clips library.
  • Manage chaining settings.
  • View progress towards joining Level Up through your Achievements.
  • Schedule replays of your game streams.
  • Add a poll and see results.
  • Go live or test your broadcast.
  • Update your stream information.
  • View and manage alerts.
  • View and manage comments.
  • View streamer stats, which are a number of viewers, stars received comments, reactions, shares and clips of your streams.

To access your live dashboard in creator studio, follow these few handy steps below.

  • Go to “creator studio”.
  • Choose creative tools then, live dashboards.

If you want to also access your streamer dashboard all you have to do is go to streamer dashboard directly.

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