Facebook Free Install: Install Facebook for Free on Your Device

Are you looking for a way to download and install Facebook into your device? If yes then you have come to the right article. This article is all about Facebook Free Install.

If you haven’t installed this app into your device and have tried or been trying but to no avail then you don’t have to worry anymore. In this article, we are going to share with you all that you need to know about the installation process.

Facebook Free Install

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So, all you have to do is read through to the end of this post to find out more in detail as there is a lot for us to cover and catch up with.

Facebook Free Install

Facebook Free Install is all about how one can easily download and install this application into their supported devices.

It is a very easy thing to do but some people for one reason or the other find it difficult. But that is not a reason to worry much as it can happen to anyone. Articles like here to help with little issues like this.

Before we get on with the Installation process let us take a look at Facebook itself. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms that people make use of. This platform offers people opportunities to reach out to the world.

With this platform you can chat, text, do video and voice calls with people. It is one of the fastest ways to keep in touch with your friends, family, and loved ones whether they are far and near.

There are lots of features that come with this social media platform like sharing and updating photos and videos, lovely moments, keeping in touch with important pages, celebrities, and lots of other stuff.

This FB can be accessed by the website at www.facebook.com. But there are other ways that you can. This is by the Facebook App that we will show you how to install later in this article.

Facebook App

Like I said above the Facebook can be accessed via its websites. But there is still an alternative option called the Facebook App.

This app is embedded with Facebook features and can be accessed by just opening it from your mobile phone.

This app was made for people who don’t like using the website-based version. It is one of the most used ways of getting access to FB.

This app is available to be downloaded by anyone who wants to make use and it is totally free of charge.

Facebook Lite

The FB lite is another separate app from the main Facebook website. This makes it two apps.

The difference between the FB app and the FB lite is that the FB lite is a bit more compressed and smaller version.

This FB lite is built for small android phones with very small space and very slow network coverage like the 2G network. It saves lots of space, unlike the main FB app.

This app also has the same features as that of the Classic Facebook. While it is a smaller app it still runs fast and serves its purpose well.

Some of the features of the lite Fb is that it loads faster, works well on all network, installs fast, takes less space. it works well on the android version of 2.3 or higher and can still be installed on big phones as well.

Download Facebook app

Now that you have known about Facebook and its apps you are now set to download them into your mobile phones and start to make use of them.

To download this app simply follow the steps below and you will be done in no time.

  • On your mobile device click on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to open it.
  • On the search bar type in “Facebook” or “Facebook Lite” depending on the one, you wish to download and search for it.
  • Note that Facebook Lite is only available for the Google Play Store and thus can’t be downloaded into any iOS devices.
  • Once the result comes out click on “Install” to download it into your Android phone.
  • For iOS users click on the “Get” button to download it into your iOS devices.

The app will immediately be downloaded into your devices and you can now start to make use of it.

Create Facebook Account

Facebook Sign up allows you to create an account with them so that you will be able to make use of their services.

Now that you have downloaded the app you can easily create an account with them. The procedures have been given below.

  • Open the Facebook App that you just downloaded.
  • On the first page of the app click on “Create New Account” and you will be taken to the creation page.
  • On this page fill out the form with the information required from you.
  • After you are done filling it please click on “Sign Up”.
  • This will automatically create an account for you and you will be logged into the account where you can now start making use of it.

There you have it. That is how you can easily create an account with this platform.

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