Facebook Page SEO: How To SEO Your Facebook Page For Google

Are you wondering what Facebook page SEO is all about? When it comes to ranking at the top of search results Facebook search engine optimization (SEO) plays an indirect role.

That indirect role is tremendous which is why companies need to make Facebook SEO a part of their social media marketing strategy. Are you ready to learn how to optimize your Facebook business page? If yes, then I will advise you to continue reading this article to know.

Facebook Page SEO

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Facebook Page SEO

There are lots of rumors going around about the proper ways to optimize your Facebook page SEO. Some people suggest using keywords in the filenames of uploads and others say you need to have every URL you own linked to your page. 

If you are anything like me you don’t particularly have time to sit around and search for a tip here and a tip there only to find out weeks later that it did you no good. This article provides a few more tips on optimizing your Facebook page for SEO right now and answers your questions and answers your questions.

Facebook Page SEO Optimization

On-page optimization is the process of making a website SEO friendly and a lot of points keep in mind when we doing the on-page of any website like title tag optimization, Meta description of that website, navigation structure of a website, and more. You can optimize your Facebook page SEO right now with these steps below:

  • Choose the best name for your Facebook page.
  • Create a custom fan page vanity URL.
  • Use keywords in strategic locations on your page.
  • Include your phone number and address.
  • Backlink to your page on existing channels.
  • Optimize Facebook fan page status updates.
  • SEO for Facebook notes.

Facebook Page Strategy

Over 20% of the world population is on Facebook, alphabet may be worth more than Facebook in monetary value but Facebook is more valuable to marketers than Google.

Facebook has more information about web users than Google, for example, Facebook knows your likes and dislikes, favorite foods, age, demographic, social behavior, how many kids you have, your family, and more. This means Facebook is powerful and effective than just using it for advertising. Here are strategies to market on Facebook.

  • Drive traffic from your website to your Facebook page.
  • Grow your Facebook page through advertising.
  • Host a Facebook contest.
  • Integrate social media sharing everywhere.
  • Engage with your Facebook community.
  •  Engage with other Facebook pages.
  • Post images on Facebook.
  • Post videos on Facebook.
  • Create or join Facebook groups.
  • Promote your posts with Facebook ads.
  • Become a content machine.
  • Track, measure, and improve.
  • Post at optimal times.
  • Take advantage of pinned posts.
  • Respond to comment on your Facebook posts.
  • Use Facebook insights to improve engagement.

Marketing on Facebook is cheaper and more effective than Google Ad words, it is very easy to gather high-quality leads on Facebook because they provide you with all the information you need.

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