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The Facebook Story is like another news feed but what differentiates it is that only photos and videos can be posted and filters and effects can be added to the photos and videos also. It requires you to be to select the section of the story instead of posting to Facebook normally.

Facebook Story

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Facebook Story

The Facebook Story was created on March 28, 2017, and it is considered being a second newsfeed by many people. The Facebook story has access to your phone’s camera which allows all users to use filters and also do Snapchats of different filters also.

How to Add Facebook Story

Facebook users can view your Facebook story by scrolling to the top of the feed and the names of their friends will also be shown. They will be able to identify you through your name, tapping on your story the can reply, like and love as well. Users can be also added to their story by following these handy steps below

  • Scroll to the top of the news feed.
  • Enter add to the story.
  • Then, select the video and pictures that you would like to add to your story.
  • Below your screen, you tap on privacy and choose who will be able to view your story.
  • Lastly, tap on share now and your story will be uploaded to Facebook.

Those are the few steps that I have for you in adding your photos and videos to your Facebook story

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The Facebook story view is a feature on Facebook that lets you know a particular person or people that viewed your Facebook story. If someone has seen your stories you will see an eye icon at the bottom left of your screen. To see the list of people that viewed your story tap on the eye-shaped icon then, the friends who viewed your story firstly will appear first on your screen.

 If your story is privacy is set as public all your users who are connected on Facebook will be able to view your Facebook story and if also your privacy settings allow messenger connections, the names of your connections will be listed below your Facebook friends.

Video Length

If you have tried in uploading a video on Facebook and you found out that the video did not upload fully to the length, I am sorry but you have to know that Facebook story video length is twenty seconds. If the video length exceeds twenty seconds, only the first twenty seconds will be uploaded to Facebook.

Facebook Story Delete

You updated your Facebook story and maybe you feel like deleting for some reasons below are some handy steps to guide you in deleting your Facebook story.

  • Login to your Facebook account if you are not logged in.
  • Tap on your story.
  • At the right top corner of your screen, you will find three dots, tap on it.
  • Then you will see delete video or photo from your story.
  • Then, tap delete.

I am sure those few steps will guide you on deleting your Facebook story.


The Facebook story has some reactions in which users can use in expressing their feelings when viewing your stories. The Facebook story has reactions like the like which is thumbs up, love reaction, hahaha reactions, wow reaction, sad reaction, and the angry reaction. All these reactions can be used to express yourself when you view other people’s stories on Facebook.


Users can also comment on Facebook stories instead sing the Facebook Story Reactions. Facebook users can comment or reply by tapping on the story, then enters a reply. After filling in your reply touch the send icon the, your reply or comments will be sent.

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