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In this modern-day, nobody is bored. There is no distance between two persons living in different countries. Do you know that these people can still talk to each other and even see each other like they are living next door? The result of this is because of the fast-paced evolution in technology. Technology has made the distance among people shortened. Because of this, we no longer have to wait for letters from our loved ones. We can talk to them by just dialing their numbers through our cellphone. Do you know that you call them with video calls as well? You can video call them Facetime. Why don’t you read on as I will be telling you everything it?

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Facetime was developed by Apple and you can use the app in making video calls. You can also use the app in making the audio call as well. The App can also be used by the user with iPhone because it only supports IOS and MAC OS. Facetime is available on iPhone, Macs, IPod, and IPad. You will need to have an iPhone 4 or higher to try this app because it supports IOS 4, Mac OS X 10.6.6, and higher. This app can be used by different devices. You can video call Mac to iPhone, iPod to Mac, etc. but it should be through between devices manufactured by Apple.

Steps To Enable Facetime And Video Call

The Facetime Is already installed on your device. So if you want to start accessing the you will need to sign up with your email address or your Apple ID so that you can contact anybody through it. Below are the steps to enable Facetime and video call.

  • Iphone users will need to sign up with their apple ID.
  • Open the settings in your IPhone and tap on Facetime.
  • Now, save your apple ID.
  • If you are a apple or IPod user, you will have sign up with your email address.

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Users with apple and IPod can use the same steps of Iphone to sign in with Facetime.

How To Make A Video Or Audio Call

Making audio and video call with Facetime is very simple and easy. You can video call or audio call anybody with Facetime. Below are some few handy steps to guide you on making call with Facetime.

  • Open the Facetime application on your IPhone.
  • While you are on the app, you will find a + sign. Tap on the sign.
  • If the person number or email is already saved on your device, search for it or you can type the persons Apple ID or email.
  • You will find the Audio or video button after that. Press on the buttons to video call or audio call.

With the few steps above, I am very sure that you can now audio call and video call anybody with Facetime. If you wish to see the persons face that you are calling you should use the video call if  not, you can make use of the audio call.


The Facetime application a very great app and it offers good quality video picture when you are making a video call. So I think you should consider the App and I am very sure you will not regret using it.

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