How To Fill GTBank Reference Form

To Open a current or business account, domiciliary account in GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank) you will be given a reference form to fill out to complete your application.

How To Fill GTBank Reference Form

 Don’t panic if you’ve been requested to complete a GTBank reference form or any of your referee is unsure on how to fill the form. This article, we’ll walk you through the process filling the form, the information you need and an alternative way to fill the form online.

What you Need for a GTBank Current Account

  • Two referees.
  • They must be current account holder in GTBANK or any other bank.
  • The current account must be more than 6 months.

Note: A salary account holder are not suitable referees.

Now, let’s see to how to correctly fill out the GTBank reference form step by step

How to Fill GTBank Reference letter

Below are steps on how to fill out reference letter correctly:

  • collect the current account opening form alongside with the reference letter.

Give the letter to your referee and they will be asked to fill:

  •  how long they ’ve known the individual.
  • Referee will provide the address of their bank.
  • account number.
  • Phone number.
  • Signature and date.
  • Name of referee.
  • Address of the referee.

Note: You do not need a separate form for each referee, they can both have their details in one reference form.

Once completely filled you can take the form to the bank to complete your application.

How to Fill the Reference Letter Online

For a more convenient way, your referee can fill out the reference letter online without you having to go through the stress of taking the letter to their home or offices.  Here is how you do it:

  • Download the PDF version on your computer, phone or tablet and send to your referee.

They will have to:

  • Open the document in an online editing tool.
  • Read the instructions to find out which details you will need to provide.
  • Click the fillable fields and put the necessary details.
  • Add the relevant date and place your e-signature as soon as you fill out all other boxes.
  • Include a legally binding electronic signature. Go to Sign -> Add New Signature and choose your preferred option: type, draw, or upload an image of your handwritten signature, then place it where you want it.
  • Examine the document multiple times to ensure that all fields are filled out with the correct information.
  • Save the new form to your device by clicking Done.
  • Right from the editor, you may download your copy, save it to the cloud, print it, or share it.

Send the e-form to the bank or you can simply walk into any of GTBank branches to complete your application.

Is it necessary for me to sign and date the reference form?

Yes, you must sign and date the reference form to certify that the information you have provided is correct and comprehensive.

Filling GTBank Reference Form doesn’t need to be stressful anymore. You can comfortably fill it out at home or in your office right from your mobile device or desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is frequently asked question on how to fill GTBank reference letter and their answers.

Do I need to sign and date the reference form?

Yes, you should sign and date the reference form to indicate that the information you’ve provided is correct and full.

Where can I get a GTBank reference form?

A GTBank reference form is normally obtained by visiting a GTBank branch or downloading it from the GTBank website.

What exactly is a GTBank reference form, and why should I need to fill one out?

A GTBank reference form is a document that provides information on an individual’s financial and personal facts. You may be required to fill one out for a variety of reasons, including job applications, visa applications, and financial transactions.

Are there any fees associated with filling a GTBank reference form?

GTBank normally does not charge a fee for completing a reference form.

How long does it take for the reference form to be processed?

The processing time for a reference form varies based on the company or institution requesting it. It’s best to verify with them for particular timelines.

These FAQs should give helpful information for anyone who may be needed to complete a GTBank reference form, allowing them to navigate the procedure with simplicity and clarity.


Filling out a GTBank reference online form is a simple and straightforward process. You can simply request a reference letter for numerous purposes by following these steps without having to visit a physical location.

To ensure a smooth and quick processing of your request, always ensure that the information you submit is accurate and consistent with your bank records, and be prompt in your follow-up.

The online reference request process is no exception to GTBank goal of making banking easier and more accessible to its clients.

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