Five Unbelievable Things Google Maps Can Do

Google maps have advanced so much over these years, making the hurdle from our computers to our mobile phones and adding tons of unbelievable things you wouldn’t imagine the map could do. Google Maps has made an amazing reputation for itself, helping people to travel from one place to another easily.

Five Unbelievable Things Google Maps Can Do
Five Unbelievable Things Google Maps Can Do

As we all know Google map was first released in the year 2oo5 but has advanced so much over the past seventeen years, as new features and updates have steadily expanded its suites to help make life easier.

Five Unbelievable Things Google Maps Can Do

In this article you will get to know five more unbelievable things the Google map can do. Some are the tools we rely daily on to get from one place to another, while others are unseen in obscurity. But be rest assured that some of the secret functions are amazingly useful, and you would not regret knowing them.

Five More Things Google Map Can Help You Do

You might have seen a lot of things that the Google map can do, but below are five more things you didn’t know the map is capable of;

Make your own Map

While it will not exactly cause you to feel like a map maker of old, you can make your own guide using Google Maps. To find the component you’ll need to open up Google Maps on your PC, hit the menu button in the left corner (the three lines), then, at that point, your places. From this tab, go across to Maps and tap Create Map at the base (or tap on a map you’ve previously made).

The format can be a bit intimidating from the beginning, yet the most ideal way to learn is to get stuck in and begin putting markers on places you need to visit.

This apparatus is fabulous if you’re attempting to plan a trip, particularly if you’ve never been there. You can put markers and sort them into various groups (you could group them the exact day you’ll visit them) so you can make the best out of your time.

You Can Easily Track Your Friends

You can definitely relax; this one isn’t exactly just about as creepy as it sounds. If you’re attempting to get together with companions and you’re not 100 percent sure where they are, then they can use Google Maps to communicate their precise location to you so you can get the directions.

To do this your companion simply has to open up Google Maps on their telephone, tap on their Profile Picture and select Location Sharing from the menu. If they hit Share Location, Google Maps will open up their contacts and they can pick who they need to convey their location to.

It Can Ensure You Get the Last Train Home

On one of your next night out Google takes care of you as Maps could you at any point let you know the most recent conceivable time that public vehicle will actually want to bring you back home before the services close for the evening. To figure out the hour of the last train (or transport) home you want to go to Google Maps, search for headings between the two spots you’re going between then switch over to public vehicle.

You’ll then see Leave now close to a down arrow. Click on this and you’ll have choices for Depart at, Arrive by, and Last accessible. Select that last one and you’ll be given a rundown of the absolute last potential trains or transports you can get before you’re left stuck.

Track Down Wheelchair Available Routes

Whenever you get up directions on Google Maps its route, will not necessarily in every case consider your entrance needs. However assuming you’re going by open vehicle, you can open up Options in Google Maps and hit Wheelchair available to change this. Once you have selected, your route and arrival time will change to better signify how long the available road will require.

You Can Use Maps Offline

If you have any desire to try not to consume your data or you are making a trip to an unfamiliar spot and will not have any service then, at that point, everything isn’t lost, as you needn’t bother with Wi-Fi to get to Google Maps assuming you prepare ahead of time.

Open up the Google Maps application on your iPhone or Android cell phone and tap your profile picture in the upper right corner. On this menu you’ll see a possibility for Offline maps, tap it and you can either see the guides you now have downloaded or can pick Select Your Own Map.

By using a similar pinch and drag controls you use with customary Google Maps you can move all over the world and feature the region you need to have an offline map for. When chosen hit download and you’re all set – the subsequent time you’re on Wi-Fi, the map will download.


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