Why is Funimation Not Working? (Fix Issues)

Funimation is one of the great platforms to stream and download the latest episodes of your favorite anime. You can easily find the anime you want to stream and download it through this platform.

Why is Funimation Not Working? (Fix Issues)

Yet, you can face a situation where your Funimation may not be working. But what can you do if your Funimation app is not working?

Why is Funimation Not Working

Determining the problem is the best way to begin. Funimation may not function properly on your end for a number of reasons, including a down server, temporary application maintenance, streaming difficulties, or you may probably be using an old version of Funimation.

Some of the key issues and how to fix them will be discussed as we proceed If you had no idea what problems your service or device is experiencing.

Weak or Unstable Internet Connection

Funimation is an internet-based mobile application. So, it is entirely dependent on an internet connection. This program is unable to access its server’s data without a stable internet connection. As a result, your Funimation app is completely unavailable.

Using an Outdated Version of the Funimation App

Older versions of apps are unable to provide consumers with a fluid experience. Hence, if you are having issues, it is possible that you are running an old version of the Funimation app However, you can try to update it.

Insufficient Device Storage

Are you having storage issues with your devices? It may also be a factor in your app ceasing to function. if there is not enough space on your device. That will significantly impact not just the app but the entire phone operating system.

Operating System Errors

Anything can go wrong at any time! Cache problems and insufficient phone storage are regarded as operating system flaws on your phone. However, there are numerous additional forms of system problems that could occur, and your Funimation app won’t function properly in this case.

Cache Issues

If you are not aware? Data are stored in the cache of the Funimation app as a way to boost performance. However, performance suffers when the cache is overloaded with data. Perhaps your app isn’t working because of this.

Funimation Server Down

The Funimation app requires an online connection, as you are fully aware. It indicates that it is linked to their server. In some cases, if their server is down, the app won’t work.

These are some of the typical problems that most users may face. Before going to see the potential solutions to these problems, be sure to go through these reasons.

How to Fix Funimation Not Working

Although it can be frustrating to not be able to view your favorite anime on your TV through Funimation, there are many workarounds you may try to get things back up and running.

Here they are:

Ensure You Have a Strong Internet Connection

We occasionally attempt to use apps without activating our internet connection. Hence, confirm that you are online and that your internet connection is reliable.

You won’t be able to utilize the Funimation app otherwise. because it is a mobile application with an internet core.

Get the latest version of the Funimation App

If you notice you are using an old version of the Funimation app? Then you need to update it immediately. Due to various problems and glitches, the outdated older version of the software occasionally performs poorly.

Hence, be sure to upgrade your software to the most recent version available by going to the App Store of the device.

Force Stop and Relaunch the App

Most of the time, we don’t properly close an app after using it. Hence, the app continues to run in the background. It doesn’t always lead to issues.

In situations where it freezes or crashes as a result of improper closing. You can reopen the Funimation app after forcing it to cease using your phone’s settings.

Restart Your Device

If the Funimation app is freezing or crashing while being used. In that situation, restarting or rebooting your phone may be an immediate fix.

Clear Your App Cache

To improve and speed up the Funimation app experience, your phone temporarily caches some data. To resolve app issues, it may occasionally be necessary to erase the app’s cache.

In essence, deleting app cache data returns the app to its original state. So, if your Funimation app isn’t working, it usually fixes the problem quickly.

Check if The Funimation Server is Down

An internal server is connected to the Funimation app. If the server is down, their mobile application will also not function. Hence, before attempting any other remedy. You should first verify whether or not their server is functioning.

Final Words

If you have tried these fixes and you are still facing the same issue with the Funimation app. You should then get in touch with their customer support. Do not hesitate to inform them of the issue you are experiencing.

Why is Funimation saying Something went Wrong?

Sometimes the problem is with the internet and isn’t with the app or the browser. If your mobile data connection is stable, try using another Wi-Fi or hotspot.

Problems using the app or the extension on the device can result from slower internet speed or a broken connection.

Is Funimation banned?

No! But it is only a few nations, including the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and New Zealand, have access to Funimation.

Is Crunchyroll better than Funimation?

There is more content on Crunchyroll than on Funimation, yes. However, the main difference is that Funimation only contains anime while Crunchyroll has anime, TV episodes, and movies.

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