GB Whatsapp – Become a God on Whatsapp

Are you a big-time fan of WhatsApp? Then you should try out the GB WhatsApp. This app is almost like the WhatsApp itself but it gives you added features. As you may guess, it is not made by the WhatsApp company. This means that this app is a third party WhatsApp application that allows you to communicate with your WhatsApp friends.

GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp

What the GB WhatsApp does is that it gives you everything WhatsApp gives you access to and many other features. With this app, it can be so flexible and fun to change your theme. One reason you should use GB WhatsApp is that it gives you access to download any status you want to from the comfort of the app itself. You do not need other status saver apps installed on your device to be able to save statuses.

Using this third party WhatsApp app, you can literally be a God on the WhatsApp platform by having themes and features your friend doesn’t have. If you decide to use this app, you should know that you are not the only one using it. I have been using GB WhatsApp for as long as I can remember now and it is so much fun.

GB Whatsapp Themes

In another article I would be writing, I would be showing you how to switch between themes on this app so subscribe to my newsletter to stay connected and receive a mail anytime I publish a new article. There are basically tons of themes that you can choose from on the GB WhatsApp themes. Not that you do not need any other third-party app for the themes.

All are in the comfort of this app. There are different versions of GB WhatsApp that has been released since its inception. What I would do is place the download link to the latest version of this app for download below this article. On the latest version of this app which I think should be v8.0.0, you can even change the color of your chat page, status bar, and home page manually. Isn’t that fun?

Download Whatsapp Statuses

Downloading WhatsApp statuses with this app is so easy. All you have to do is view the status and hit the download icon at the bottom of the status you are currently viewing. When this is done, the status would be saved to the GBwhatsapp folder on your device.

Why You Should Use GB Whatsapp

Although using his app for the first time would make you lose all your WhatsApp data, it is the start of being a god on WhatsApp. This is only because you are using another form of WhatsApp. If you return to your old WhatsApp, you would get your entire backup back.

Where to Download this App

If you don’t know where to download this app, then you should take this section carefully. Download the GB WhatsApp for Android by following this link. If you’ve used GB WhatsApp before and you were banned, then try out this new version.

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