How Much Does Progressive Car Insurance Cost by State


Do you want to know How Much Does Progressive Car Insurance Cost by State? If you want to then you should just keep on reading this article and you will get all the information. If you are then willing to consider Progressive as your stop search after comparing policies across several insurance providers, it might also help to know the cost of car insurance by Progressive based on the state.

How Much Does Progressive Car Insurance Cost by State
How Much Does Progressive Car Insurance Cost by State

States or location is also one of the factors that actually affect the cost of car insurance policy and also the type of car.

If the car you are simply insuring, definitively, the cost of insuring will be very expensive. However, we were able to also get the cost of purchasing car insurance from Progressive.

How Much Does Progressive Car Insurance Cost by State

According to Progressive, the average monthly price for a liability-only car insurance policy between 2020 and 2021 simply costs between the price range of about $71 in Wisconsin to $185 in Delaware. However, the average cost of Progressive car insurance by the state is simply grouped into different classes such as low-cost states, Medium-cost states, and even High-cost states.

Here is a table that displays or shows the average cost of progressive car insurance by State:

Low-cost States

States Average monthly price Six-month policy average price
California $78 $466
Idaho $78 $466
Illinois $78 $466
Indiana $78 $466
Iowa $78 $466
Maine $78 $466
Montana $78 $466
North Carolina $78 $466
North Dakota $78 $466
New Mexico $78 $466
Ohio $78 $466
Oklahoma $78 $466
Tennessee $78 $466
South Dakota $78 $466
Vermont $78 $466
Wisconsin $78 $466
Wyoming $78 $466


Reason Why These States Have More Affordable Car Insurance

You might also be wondering why the following states have cheaper car insurance rates, this is because these states are not coastal. Therefore, they are less vulnerable to heavy weather such as hurricanes.

This then eventually indicates fewer claims for glass damage and also fewer weather-related auto repairs in particular. In addition, the rate of reports of a stolen vehicles in these states is low each year compared to others. When you then have a lower risk, this actually produces lower insurance prices.

Medium-cost States

States Average monthly price Six-month price average cost
Alabama $100 $601
Arizona $100 $601
Arkansas $100 $601
Colorado $100 $601
Kansas $100 $601
Minnesota $100 $601
Mississippi $100 $601
Missouri $100 $601
Nebraska $100 $601
New Hampshire $100 $601
Oregon $100 $601
Pennsylvania $100 $601
Virginia $100 $601
Washington $100 $601
Texas $100 $601
Utah $100 $601


Why Are These States Medium Expensive for Car Insurance Cost?

The following states are actually expensive before they are coastal. This simply means they are susceptible to catastrophic weather. States having arid deserts are also more prone to glass damage from debris and rocks. Also, factors that simply affect the cost are the vehicle theft rate which is a bit high.

High-cost States

States Average monthly price Six-month policy average price
Connecticut $146 $877
Delaware $146 $877
District of Columbia $146 $877
Florida $146 $877
Georgia $146 $877
Kentucky $146 $877
Louisiana $146 $877
Maryland $146 $877
Massachusetts $146 $877
Michigan $146 $877
Nevada $146 $877
New Jersey $146 $877
New York $146 $877
Rhode Island $146 $877
South Carolina $146 $877
West Virginia $146 $877


Why Do These States Have the Most Expensive Car Insurance?

The main reason why progressive car insurance is also highly expensive in the following states is due to the high level of population density like New York. Because of its high popularity, the chances of one getting involved in an accident are quite high. Also, there are also more coastal states with a high-level risk of floods and hurricanes.

How to Lower Your Progressive Car Insurance

Despite the low cost, medium cost, and even high cost of progressive car insurance, there are also a variety of options to simply get cheaper car insurance even in high-cost states like New York. Getting low-cost auto insurance at Progressive is also simple with certain activities such as earning discounts, driving responsibly, and much more.

Plus, you can even customize your policy to simply find a more suitable balance between costs and coverage. Aside from that, you can also use the following tools and programs that are offered by Progressive to find high-quality and cheap car insurance:

  • Compare rates: you can make use of the Progressive comparison tool to simply compare various car insurance quotes to also find cheap car insurance across several insurance providers.
  • Name Your Price Tool: These tools by Progressive simply allow you to mention the amount you will like to pay. Then, the company will also provide you with the coverage option that goes with the price you gave. The Progressive Name Your Price Tool also serves as a fast and convenient method to simply find the cheaper car insurance coverage that you need.
  • Try Snapshot: The Snapshot program is actually owned by Progressive that allows you to personalize your rate based on your actual driving. This simply means the safer your drive, the bigger your chance of saving more. According to reports, with Snapshot, you can actually save an average of $146 a year.

In addition, the Progressive auto discount is also another way in which drivers can also save over $700 on average. These simply include multi-policy, multi-car, continuous insurance, Snapshot: safe driver discount, and more.


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