How Much is DSTV Compact Plus

DStv Compact Plus is an appealing alternative for families and individuals searching for an affordable but feature-rich subscription. If you’re thinking about purchasing DStv Compact Plus and want to know how much it costs, you’ve come to the right place.

How Much is DSTV Compact Plus

In this article, we’ll break down the pricing and features of DStv Compact Plus to help you make an informed decision about your TV subscription. Let’s look at the costs and benefits together so you can choose the right plan for your entertainment preferences and budget.

DStv Compact Plus price:

  • Monthly Cost: ₦14,250
  • Annual Cost: ₦156,750

Note: The price of the DStv Compact package differs based on your region. It is best to check the official DStv website ( ) or contact customer service for the most recent price information in your region.

What are the different payment options for a DStv compact plus subscription?

You can the various payment methods, including:

  • The MyDStv App,
  • Online platform,
  • USSD codes,
  • An ATM (automated teller machine)
  • Debit Orders,
  • and in-person payments at Walk-in Centers or stores.

How do I subscribe to the DStv Compact package?

Subscribing to DStv Compact Plus is a simple process.

  • You can visit the official DStv website ( ),
  • Contact authorized dealers,
  • or explore online platforms to choose your preferred package and initiate the subscription by following the given instructions.

What benefits do I get from subscribing to DStv Compact Plus?

The following are some of the advantages of being a DStv Compact subscriber:

  1. Affordability: DStv Compact Plus is an affordable alternative that strikes a balance between variety and cost-effectiveness. It is perfect for those who want an extensive selection of channels without breaking the bank.
  2. Access to DStv Catch Up: DStv Compact Plus customers get access to DStv Catch Up, which allows them to catch up on missed episodes of their favorite series. They may also have access to streaming services and on-demand content, enhancing the entire viewing experience.
  3. Sport coverage: Sports fans will appreciate the availability of premium sports channels on DStv Compact Plus. They can watch live coverage of major athletic events such as
  • football,
  • rugby,
  • cricket, among others.

The package also offers an outstanding balance of local and international sports content, making it a popular option among sports lovers.

  1. Diverse channels line up: The extensive channel lineup of DStv Compact Plus includes a variety of channels spanning different genres, including
  • movies,
  • sports,
  • news,
  • lifestyle,
  • and entertainment.

This package includes channels such as SuperSport, M-Net Movies, BBC Lifestyle, and lots more, ensuring a well-rounded entertainment experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on how much the DStv compact cost and their short answers:

Can I upgrade my DStv Compact subscription to Compact Plus or Premium?

Yes, you have the option to increase your subscription to a higher-tier package. To learn more about upgrade possibilities and pricing, contact DStv customer service or go to their official website.

Can I pay for my DStv Compact subscription on a yearly basis?

Yes, you can pay for your DStv Compact subscription on an annual basis. When compared to monthly payments, the annual cost may offer some savings.  You can get Specific price information from DStv by visiting the website ( ) to contact their customer care.

Is there a mobile app that I can use to manage my DStv Compact subscription?

Yes, DStv offers mobile apps that allow users to manage their accounts, check the status of their subscriptions, and make payments. For easy account management, download the official DStv app from your device’s app store.

Can I temporarily suspend my DStv Compact subscription?

DStv provides a “Suspension” feature that allows members to temporarily deactivate their subscription. This feature is normally available for a limited time and may be subject to additional fees. For assistance, contact DStv customer service.


The DStv Compact Plus is proof of DStv’s dedication to providing various and affordable entertainment alternatives. It offers appealing bundles for viewers looking for quality programming without breaking the bank, thanks to its wide channel list, premium sports content, and economical pricing.

DStv Compact Plus is an excellent choice for your home entertainment needs, whether you are a sports fan, a movie lover, or appreciate a variety of entertainment genres.

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