How Much is Funimation Premium

Anime lovers enjoy keeping up with the latest developments in the anime world. Moreover, Funimation is one of the best ways to get a new releases of anime episode or season. Yet, you need subscribe to this channel in order to access it contents.

How Much is Funimation Premium

If you are new to this platform, you can start with the Funimation premium. But how much does the Funimation premium cost.

How Much is Funimation Premium

This platform offers both new and old anime series that can attract any anime enthusiasts looking for the older anime they once loved viewing as kids.

In fact, it offers special access to many popular anime series like Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Hero Academia, and more. And you can access all of these with the Funimation premium plan.

The Funimation premium plan cost about $5.99/month and that is about $59.99 annually. All of the anime on the channel will be available to you with this membership level (subbed or dubbed version) absolutely no ads. With the premium plan, you can stream this service on two devices simultaneously with same account.

Before proceeding with Funimation premium plan, know that you can watch anime content on this platform for free with the 14-day free trial that Funimation offers. However, the free trial comes with advertisement.

After the two-week free trial period, you can proceed to pay for the service you have selected. If you are not okay with this, you simply skip the free trial to get ads free access to entire Funimation library.

NOTE: A Funimation account is required for anime fans to use this streaming service. Their library of anime programs, both new and vintage, is limitless.

While Funimation Global is owned by Sony, you may get fantastic Japanese animation with authentic Japanese voice actors.

What Other Plans Does Funimation Offer?

Definitely, Funimation offers other plans aside from the premium package. Actually, this service offers two other plans (Funimation Premium Plus and Premium Plus Ultra) you can choose from.

Well, these subscriptions cover all that the premium plan offers and also more feature to enjoy the best time on this site.

Funimation Premium Plus:

The Funimation Premium Plus subscription cost $7.99 per month that is about $79.99 every year. Unlike, the premium plan, this subscription plan offers exclusive member only deals and events together with the ads free access to entire Funimation library both subs and dubs content.

This plan also allows you to stream on up to 5 different devices at the same time. You can download any content you want on your mobile device with this subscription plan. It also gives you early access to the shop sales on Funimation.

Funimation Premium Plus Ultra:

Funimation Premium Plus Ultra is an annually paid subscription package that cost $99.99/year. Like the other two plans, it offers ad free access to the whole Funimation library available on your region including both subs and dubs.

You can also stream on up 5 devices simultaneously, and download any content on your mobile devices with this subscription. It gives you early access to Funimation shop sales in addition to the exclusive member only events and offers that this streaming service provides. At the end of each year, you will be given anniversary gift.

Is Funimation Cheaper in Contrast to other Streaming Services?

When compared to other streaming services, Funimation’s cost is extremely affordable outside of the United States. We can appreciate your preference for Funimation if you’re a die-hard anime lover who just wants to binge watch anime movies.

Yet more casual fans who want to watch a wide range of genres must also look at other platforms. Here, is an overview other popular streaming platform:

Amazon Prime Video:

The monthly fee of Amazon Prime is $14.99 USD. You can access Prime Video, Prime Music, Free Shipping, as well as a number of other perks.

More than 26000 movies and 2700 TV series may be found in Prime Video’s vast content catalog. Their catalog includes a number of well-known anime titles, such as fan favorites like Akira, Cowboy Bebop, and the Amazon Original anime series Blade of the Immortal.

HBO Max:

Each month of HBO Max costs $14.99 USD. More than 580 TV series and 2000 films are broadcast there. Moreover, HBO Max offers access to all Studio Ghibli films, with the exception of Grave of the Fireflies.

Some of the Crunchyroll movies, such as Death Note, Erased, Tokyo Revengers, and Tokyo Revengers, are also accessible on HBO Max.


Hulu monthly subscriptions cost US$6.99 to get more than 4000 TV episodes and movies are available on the Disney-owned streaming service’s extensive library.

There are a lot of anime movies in Hulu’s content catalog. You can watch My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, Tokyo Ghoul, Sailor Moon, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, and Assassination Classroom on Hulu in addition to the Funimation anime collection.

Final Words

It is fair to say that Funimation is one of the most popular streaming services, providing a huge selection of very popular anime TV shows and films in addition to a huge library of anime. If you’re still unsure about whether or not to subscribe to Funimation, take advantage of the 14-day free trial period to see how it works.

Earn a Funimation membership price plan outside of the USA to ensure that you never miss out on the newest anime TV shows or timeless classics.


How much is Funimation premium UK?

Funimation Premium has a starting price of $7.99/£5.99 per month, which is less than Netflix and Disney Plus. This plan offers ad free access and unlocks the full collection of shows, allowing you to watch them whenever you want on different devices.

Is Funimation premium worth it?

Today, Funimation is one of the greatest anime streaming services available, especially if you want dubbed anime. We’d even go so far as to argue that Funimation is your only real choice if you want dubbed anime. Considering all you’ll receive; the pricing is also outstanding.

What is the difference between Funimation premium and Funimation premium plus?

Funimation Premium plan offers two concurrent streams in addition to the full collection of subtitles and dubs for $5.99 a month. While the Premium Plus gives five concurrent streams along with a slew of extra features like offline viewing, shopping discounts, and special events for $7.99 a month.

Is Funimation better than Netflix?

Funimation has a huge library of anime, is less expensive, and does have some better features. Overall, Funimation is great if anime is what you’re for. Simply put, you won’t be able to watch anything else, so Netflix gets the win here.


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