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“How to Create Business Facebook Page” Creating a business Facebook page is not that hard. In your mind, you might have already made some plans on the photos, ideas, and ideas that you would need on creating your Facebook page. If you have done all this you just need to sit down with your mobile phone or computer to work through the steps I will be giving you in this article.

How to Create Business Facebook Page

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How to Create Business Facebook Page

Facebook you see has several types of pages and you are supposed t know that not all Facebook page is for business. But I will let you know that most of the pages available on Facebook are for a business that is why on every corner of Facebook you can find a business page.

Before a business Facebook page can be created, you need to login to your Facebook account. then, follow these few steps below to create your business Facebook page.

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  • Go to
  • Select the type of page that you want to create. There are different types of pages like business/brand/community/public figure. You a creating a page for a business so enter business or brand.
  • Then, enter the business in the form provided. Information’s like your page name, your business name or the name people are likely to search for when trying to find your business.
  • For the place of category, enter a word that describes your business page. I advised you to choose the one customer to think about a lot. If you are confused Facebook will give you some suggestions on the Facebook categories.
  • If you have chosen or selected your category, other questions will pop up. You will be asked to fill in information like your address and phone number. You can the power to make all this information publicly or show it to your city/state.
  • The next step is to add photos like profile and cover images for your Facebook page. You are to make sure that these photos you are uploading suites your business. If possible you can create your business logo.
  • You are to make sure that the cover photos that you are uploading should capture the essence of your business or brand because it is the prominent image on your Facebook page. So, once you have selected your cover photo that suites your brand click, “upload a cover Photo”
  • The next step is to create your username. Your username is also your URL if people click or tap on it they will be able to locate you. People can locate you with it that’s why you are advised to keep it safe.
  • Next, you add your business details. Your business details can be skipped but, it is important you add to fill them correctly.

I am sure these few steps will help you a lot in creating your business Facebook page. Below are other ideas you need to add also in creating your business Facebook page.

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Description of Business Facebook Page

This s short writing that gives or tells a very good description of your page. The description of your page should be just a few sentences. It should be about 255 characters maximum. So there’s no need to waste much of your time describing your Business Facebook page.

How to Optimize Your Business Facebook Page

You have now learned how to create your Business Facebook page, allow me to take you on the journey of optimizing your business Facebook Page. These strategies that I will be given to you will help you in maximizing your engagement so that you meet your goals.

 Here are some components to help in optimizing your business Facebook page

  • Add a call to action.
  • Always make sure you add a pinned post.
  • Like other people’s pages.
  • Review your settings.
  • Always learn from page insights.

I am pretty sure these few components will help in optimizing your business Facebook page.


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