How to Obtain Proof of Insurance

Do you want to know How to Obtain Proof of Insurance? Then you should definitely keep on reading this article, you will know all about this content. Proof of insurance is actually a way of showing that you do have insurance for any property insured such as a car, home, motorcycle, and some others.

How to Obtain Proof of Insurance
How to Obtain Proof of Insurance

Proof of insurance also appears in various forms, but most importantly, especially for every driver to have. When stopped, you might then be asked to simply provide proof of insurance as well as when you get in a car accident to register a car.

For most insurance companies, there are actually several ways in which you can obtain proof of insurance such as a card mailed to you or printed out. Mostly, you can also obtain proof of car insurance online by simply logging in to your account or on your mobile phone through the mobile app.

This simply includes relevant information such as your policy number, details about you and your vehicle, and others. Some car insurance companies also have their way of obtaining proof by electronic proof of insurance.

How to Obtain Proof of Insurance

In the United States, it is also required that every state should have car insurance and those without an auto insurance card or proof of coverage come with a high hassle and then sometimes cost you money.

What is Proof of Insurance

Proof of insurance is actually a card, printout, or digital document that is offered by the insurance company to then show that your insurance policy is valid/activated and is also mainly required by authorities when you are then checking your car papers or checking if you then have coverage. In most cases where proof of car insurance or a car insurance card is required simply include:

  • Pulled over by law enforcement
  • Get in an accident and need to exchange insurance information.
  • Registering for a new car or renewing your license plate.
  • It’s also required by a lender for financing a vehicle.

Now the most valid form of showing proof of car insurance is an auto insurance ID card which you can then get through the mail. Also, you can even get it through email where you can also print them out. For others, log in to your insurance account online or by a mobile app to show proof of insurance.

Details Shown on a Proof of Insurance

Your auto insurance card simply includes relevant information that displays valid proof of car insurance. Here is the following information that simply appears on your insurance card.

  • Insurance policy number
  • Name and address of insurance company
  • Policyholder first and last name.
  • Effective dates of the policy and the expiration dates.
  • Year, make, model, and VIN of the insured vehicle.
  • Coverage details

Your insurance ID card also shows that you simply possess the minimum amount of coverage required by your state law. For some cards, you will even not see coverage selections and limits.

How to Obtain Proof of Insurance

Various insurance companies, generally, there are actually several ways in which you can simply obtain your proof of insurance or auto insurance card. Here is the following way to get proof of insurance:

  • Online: yes, you can access the proof of insurance online by simply logging in to your account. When you then log in to your insurance account online, you can also download or print the card anywhere.
  • By Mobile App: Since you cannot carry your computer everywhere, you can also get your insurance card directly from your mobile through the mobile app. Download and then log in to your mobile insurance app to simply print or download your auto insurance ID card.
  • By Mail: if you do not want to receive your insurance card online or by mobile app, you can access the request by mail. Request for your insurance card to be mailed to you. Keep in mind that for some insurance companies, you might also lose your paperless discount if you choose to obtain your insurance ID card by mail simply.
  • Fax: Also, you can just obtain proof of insurance through fax by simply calling your insurance customer service and your insurance card will then be faxed to your home, office, car dealership, and some other places you choose to receive it.

In addition, if you do not have car insurance or show no proof of insurance, you might face a penalty as it’s illegal in every state in the United States if you do not have an auto insurance card and you drive a car or vehicle.


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