How to Pass Senior WAEC – How to Pass WAEC: 2020/2021 Preparation Guide

Do you want to know how to pass senior WAEC? Well, you will find out in this article if you continue reading. Most students fail the WAEC examination because of bad reading habits, a distraction from social media, and a bad education system.

How to Pass Senior WAEC

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It is necessary to know what the WAEC examination is all about. Especially if you have not written the exam before, you will have to remember that you can’t defeat a war if you do not know who you are fighting. So it is necessary for you to know what you will need to do to pass senior WAEC.

How to Pass Senior WAEC

All the records of failure in WAEC always put fear in the minds of students, scholars, and parents that want their children to pass the WAEC examination excellently. In fact, I had to do thorough research before publishing this article to find out the countries that performed best in WAEC and some of the reasons why students fail the examination.

How can I Prepare for WAEC?

Here are the tips on how to prepare for WAEC:

  • Make use of the syllabus and refer to them.
  • Rank the exams by importance.
  • Consider studying in order of the exam dates.
  • Create a workable timetable.
  • Gather enough materials.
  • Avoid cramming.

These are the tips on how to prepare for WAEC.

How to Pass WAEC in One Sitting

The steps on how to pass WAEC in one sitting are listed below:

  • Be determined.
  • Start preparing as early as possible.
  • Get recommended WAEC materials and read them.
  • Do not allow people’s opinions to stop you from reading.
  • Prepare a reading timetable and stick to it.
  • Take note of mistakes students to make in the WAEC examination and avoid them.
  • Take the WAEC mock examination.
  • Do not rely on examination malpractice to pass.
  • Ask God for the ability to remember what you read.
  • Learn to approach questions the right way.
  • Join WAEC groups.
  • Come early to your examination hall.

If you follow these guidelines you will be able to pass your WAEC examination in one sitting.

Materials Needed to pass WAEC Examination

These are the materials needed to pass the WAEC examination:

  • WAEC past questions and answers.
  • A stopwatch
  • WAEC syllabus.
  • Notebook.

These are the materials you will need to pass your WAEC examination.

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