How to Remove the Search Button on an iPhone Home Screen

How to Remove the Search Button on an iPhone Home Screen. Well, on devices that run iOS 16 or later, you’ll find an annoying feature that’s tough to deal with: the search button. However, the search button on the iPhone is located near the bottom of the screen. The button is used to provide an easy way to search for texts, settings, files, photos, apps, and websites. It makes finding items on your iPhone easier.

How to Remove the Search Button on an iPhone Home Screen

How to Remove the Search Button on an iPhone Home Screen

Moreover, it’s also easy to accidentally tap it while navigating your home screen. If you want to stop seeing this icon, read through this page to get all the information you need regarding how to remove the search button from an iPhone home screen.

What is the “Search” Button on the iPhone?

The search button on the iPhone serves as a shortcut for iOS Spotlight. This Spotlight is a long-standing iOS search tool that helps suggest activities, tasks, and apps based on your usage. It is available for iOS 16 and above, and the search box is at the bottom of your iPhone home screen.

However, you can also use it to search for files, contacts, apps, and more across your device. Simply tap the new search box at the bottom of your screen to start using the spotlight.

Locating the Search Button on iOS 16 and Later

If you are making use of iOS 16 or above on your iPhone, you’ll see the search button appear just above the dock on your home screen. When you press the button, you can begin to search for an app, file, or other items you may need and launch them.

How to Remove the Search Button from an iPhone Home Screen

Getting rid of the search button on your iPhone home screen is straightforward by using the steps below.

How to remove the search button from the iPhone home screen?

  • Click the settings icon to launch the settings app on your iPhone.
  • When you have opened the settings, click the Home Screen option.
  • Under the search section in the Home Screen menu, toggle Show on Home Screen to the Off position.
  • When you get back to your phone’s home screen, the search button should no longer be visible in the way of your navigation.

You can also search your iPhone without the search button. To do this, swipe down from the middle of the screen, and the search feature will come up, just as it did on previous versions of iOS.

Removing Search from the iPhone Home Screen

If you can see the search button on your home screen and it annoys you, the good news is that getting rid of it only takes a few taps. If you want to put it back again, go back to settings > Home Screen and toggle the show on Home Screen and toggle the show on Home Screen option back on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the shortcut button from my iPhone home screen?

You just have to click on Edit in the shortcut’s app on your iOS or iPad device. Click on one or more shortcuts (a checkmark appears in the upper-right corner to indicate selection), then tap Delete.

What is the little circle on my iPhone screen?

All replies If there is a large circle enclosed in a grey box that appears as an overlay on your iPhone screen, your phone’s Assistive Touch feature is enabled. This accessibility feature makes it easier for users to navigate the iPhone when they have trouble using their fingers to touch down the screen.

What is the floating button on my iPhone?

Assistive Touch is a feature in the accessibility settings (under the “general” section) of iOS that puts a floating, the virtual home button on your screen that you can drag wherever you want. You can configure the button to perform four different actions based on whether you tap, double tap, 3D Touch, or hold it down.

Why did Apple put the search bar at the bottom?

The search bar on your screen is the Safari search bar. It used to be on the top of the screen for the longest time. But starting with iOS 15, Apple moved the search bar to the bottom of the screen so that it’s easily accessible on big iPhones. Plus, you can effortlessly swipe left or right on the search bar to switch tabs.

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